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The WoodBuddy was going to make a minor appearence in the intro of The Return to Freddy's 5: Story Mode, before it was cancelled.


The WoodBuddy appears to be a withered animatronic made of wood, hence its name. It appears to resembles Torture Lockjaw. Its lower jaw appears to be damaged, as it is broken off it's hinge. It has an exposed rusted endoskeleton visible through a huge tear in his chest area. It also seems to have several rips on its legs and head. Its eyes are of a light blue color, and appear to be shining.


Unlike the rest of the animatronics behave in Story Mode, the WoodBuddy appears to actually not harm the player. However, it is not that helpful either, as it only accompanies the player while he is inside of the Garage.


  • WoodBuddy's name was revealed by the filename of its debut teaser, and subsequently in the cast list for Adventure Mode.
  • According to BFPFilms424/Tyler, the WoodBuddy was made by Gron for his last remaining son: Charles. The WoodBuddy's function was to provide the child somebody to talk to, as nobody wanted to talk to him.
  • It is currently unknown how Carson manage to find the WoodBuddy and store it in his Garage, as by 2036 Gron's house should have already been demolished and its address should have been most likely long lost.
  • TSMGames confirmed that WoodBuddy appeared in a minigame in _RADSLA_ during ~Zephrysc's development livestream for his fangame "THE RETURN TO FREDDY'S: The Storyteller's Son."

The Return to Freddy's 5: Story Mode