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The Torture Puppet is a Torture Suit developed in Fazbear Inc. by Alison. It was going to serve as one of the antagonists in The Return to Freddy's 5: Story Mode, prior to the game's cancellation.


The Torture Puppet is a nightmarish version of The Puppet from The Return to Freddy's 2. Its mask seems to be cracked and all white, has several purple stripes on its head, with a big black smile, black eyes and red cheeks. Its body is a black humanoid figure, it has lots of rips and wires, 2 white buttons and a white stripe that seems to be a zipper. While it is hard to make out, something resembling a human corpse rests inside the Torture Puppet's body. Its eyes can rarely and randomly become human like, supporting this claim. There also seems to be spikes colored like flesh poking out of the suit.


The Torture Puppet would have first appeared on one of the many floors of Fazbear Incorporated, and attacked the player during their venture throughout the location. If the player encounters the Torture Puppet in front of them, they must had to turn off their flashlight and stay still until the animatronic has moved to another area. If the player encounters the Torture Puppet at a fair distance from them, they must hide under objects such as crates or walls at certain spots. Failing or neglecting to do so will cause the Torture Puppet to jumpscare the player, resulting into a game over.


  • It is unknown which model was going to appear in the game, since the first version of Torture Puppet was released by TSMGames on Twitter but the newer version appears in the files of the game.

The Return to Freddy's 5: Story Mode