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Torture Vigo is a Torture suit developed in Fazbear Inc. by Alison. He was going to be an antagonist in The Return to Freddy's 5 Story Mode before it was cancelled.


Torture Vigo is a very long snake animatronic with green colors and seems to be wearing a shiny top hat. His eyes are red and his mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth.

In his early design known as "Hybrid Vigo", he looks very different than his normal self. He has 7 necks, which gives him seven heads. Each head has silver eyes, with red irises and no eyelids, giving him unrealistic eyes. Each of his heads wears top hats, resembling Freddy Fazbear's. He has a longer body than before. His heads are bigger and have a full set of bottom row teeth. His top row sets only have 4 teeth, being separated at the middle.


  • Torture Vigo was the last Hybrid to become a Torture suit.
  • Torture Vigo is known to be the longest character in the series.
  • Torture Vigo's early design bears a resemblance to the Xiangliu and the Yamata no Orochi, However, Torture Vigo has only 7 heads, while Xiangilu has 9 heads and Yamata no Orochi has 8.
    • Having seven heads, he is likely a reference to the great red dragon from the book of Revelation in the Bible, who also got seven heads.
  • When brightening the Torture Vigo teaser, there are the words "POISON" all over the teaser.
    • This could mean that Torture Vigo can bite the player, causing the player to die from his venom.
  • Torture Vigo's hat has the same shiny texture as Torture Freddy, Torture Fredbear, and Torture Buster.
  • Torture Vigo has been seen in teasers and the "Thank You" Image, but he has never been seen in game/screenshots.

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