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Torture Golden Lockjaw is the reincarnate soul of Gron contained within the Golden Frankburt suit, a Torture suit developed in Fazbear Inc. by Alison. He was going to serve as an antagonist in TRTF5's G.P.D Mode, prior to it's cancellation.


Like his original counterpart, he shares his model with Torture Lockjaw; but his bow tie, hat, buttons, eyes, and teeth are not colored, similar to Golden Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's. Unlike other Torture suits, his endoskeleton eyes are different. Instead of the traditional "eight-spoke sunburst eyes" that other Torture suits have, his eyes are human eyes encased by a metal frame, with several metal spikes protruding inward, a trait that Torture Golden Lockjaw shares with Torture Device. As of the release of The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth, it is confirmed that this is, in fact; Gron's flesh and eyes.


  • Back in Remastered, Hybrid Golden Lockjaw's original teaser said the words, "The Torcher never stops..".
    • This may refer to Torture Device.
    • Brightening this teaser up reveals the word "BRUTE". It is unknown what this means, but this may be a sort of code name.

The Return to Freddy's 5





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