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Torture Fredbear (Also known as Torture Golden Freddy) is a Torture suit developed in Fazbear Inc. by Alison. He was going to serve as one of the antagonists in The Return to Freddy's 5 G.P.D. Mode before it's recent cancellation. Not much a whole lot is known about him.


Not much of him is seen, but he is a yellow Torture suit styled after a bear. He has a purple bow tie, like Fredbear, but has a black top hat. He has a black nose, with nostrils built into it. His eyes resemble jet turbines, similar to Torture Golden Kitty's.


As confirmed by BFPFilms424/Tyler, Torture Fredbear would've been with Torture Spring Bonnie, Torture Golden Lockjaw and Torture Golden Kitty in G.P.D. Mode.


  • The teaser of Torture Fredbear reference's Scott Cawthon's teaser on Fredbear except the fact that Fredbear was colored all grey (with the exception of the purple bow tie)
  • Oddly, his hat is black, but his bow tie is purple.

The Return to Freddy's 5 G.P.D. Mode



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