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Torture Chuck was going to be an antagonist in The Return to Freddy's 5 before it's recent cancellation. He, like Torture Tealer, Torture Fang, Torture Ripdoll, and Torture Toony are all from different games.


Like the other Torture suits, he has a two separate jaw with two rows of teeth, and the same red eyes. He wears a yellow bowtie, and a black shiny top hat. His ears are similar to Torture Kitty but bigger. Unlike most of the Torture suits, his endoskeleton has some parts of TRTF: F's endoskeleton.


  • He originates from the Five Nights at Chuck's series by Joshiriah.
    • He was going to be in Adventure Mode, and was to be voiced by Joshiriah.
  • His first appearance was on BFPFilms424/Tyler's twitter. It was unknown at the time if he was in the game. This was confirmed with the music video, The End, where he is seen in a minigame, confirming his role in the game.
  • Torture Chuck was planned to appear in the game "Project: Midway", in 'Torture Chuck Mode'. However, this was scrapped due to limitations.

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