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This article contains many theories from The Return to Freddy's series.

  • Who killed Phone Guy on Night 5?

It is possible that the Torture Device or Golden Freddy killed him. Where is his body? It's most likely in Golden Freddy.

  • Phone guy is violet guy.

As shown in a minigame Violet Guy has a phone in his hand. He repeats the Night 5 phone call from FNAF 1, before getting jumpscared by Golden Freddy.

  • Cawnoth Cotts is the Fnaf 2 dayguard?

As shown in his complaint slip that he gives to the Company;the same reasons why the guard before Jeremy moved to Jeremy moved to dayshift.

  • Fazbear's Fantasy Land is Frank Burts pizza?

It seem that Frank Burts pizza's and Fazbear Fantasy Land's layout is the same.


  • Blake is Purple Guy?

This theory states that the protagonist, Blake may possibly be Purple Guy because in the Night 5 minigame, The Purple Guy walks up to The Green Guy who is staring at his son, The Green Guy then turns around and accidentally slips on a piece of paper, which puts him into Golden Lockjaw. At the end of Night 6, you can see Golden Lockjaw jumpscare Blake, which may possibly be revenge.

  • The protagonist is Jester's son?