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The Unknown or the Torture Beast is a Torture suit developed in Fazbear Inc. by Alison. She was going to serve as the most powerful antagonist in The Return to Freddy's 5 Story Mode, prior to its recent cancellation. She is a member of The Slaughter Crew, a group of three Torture suits (Torture Buster, Torture Saber and herself).


The Unknown/Torture Beast deserves its name for a good reason. Her appearance is like no other Torture suit. Resembling a large, slightly golden rabbit, she has two brownish-red buttons on her chest alongside a bowtie of the same color. Her feet have no suit covering them, leaving them as bare, endoskeletal feet with three toes. She has a normal left arm...but the same cannot be said about her right arm. Instead of having a hand, she has a multi-bladed machete as a replacement, which may be one of the reasons she is a member of The Slaughter Crew.

She has an unnaturally long neck connecting her head to her body. Her head seems to resemble a golden, deformed version of Torture Bonnie's head. Her right eye hangs out of its eye socket, connected by only wires. Her mouth has three layers of teeth: two on the suit and one on the endoskeleton. Contained within The Unknown/Torture Beast's mouth is one of her defining features that set her apart from any other Torture suit in TRTF5- her long, metallic tongue. Upon her head lies a reflective red tophat. She also has abnormally long ears for an animatronic, along with the fact that she has eyes in her ears, a fact that was not known until recently. This may be to show that she is always watching you, wherever you are.

She also has two miniature versions of her heads connected to her chest by their own miniature necks. This brings to the light the possibility that The Unknown/Torture Beast is some kind of deranged mother protecting her children. Whatever mysteries she holds, she is still ready to hunt you down and paint the walls with your blood.


When the player is on Floor 4, the player seems to need to hide under the bed to protect themselves from her, as seen in Official Trailer 1.

It is known that she would have appeared in Floor 9 too, and was most likely more powerful than before.


  • In the teaser showing Torture Golden Kitty, when brightened, it shows the words, "Fear The Unknown". It's possible that the words actually reference her.
  • The head in the center going out of the teaser references the FNAF 4 teaser showing Fredbear with him having being mainly grey (with exception of the purple bow tie) before he was fully revealed.
  • Her "tongue" is most likely inspired by Nightmare Foxy in FNAF 4.
  • Many believed The Unknown's name was "The Beast" because of the text in her teaser.
    • This name has been used by Poniator in a video description, calling her The Beast/Unknown.
    • Oddly, the same description called her a male.
    • However, it was later canonically changed to Torture Beast.
  • PoniatorFilms/Tyler then confirmed on Twitter that The Unknown/Torture Beast is a female as well as Sugar and Bonnie.
  • PoniatorFilms/Tyler confirmed that one of The Unknown's sound effects was removed because it sounded like she was burping.
  • The Unknown is one of three characters to be appearing in TycrazMania in an organic form. The other two being Lockjaw, albeit called "Papa Franky", and Sugar, as "Sugula".
  • PoniatorFilms/Tyler has stated that The Unknown/Torture Beast is the most powerful Torture suit.

In The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth, it is revealed that Torture Beast, along with Torture Buster and Torture Saber, are stored on Floor 9. These three Torture suits were called "The Slaughter Crew" by Alison. It is also revealed that an employee was killed inside the Torture Beast.

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