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Were you looking for the alpha game's final version: The Return to Freddy's 2?

The Return to Freddy's 2 Alpha
Platform(s) Windows
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Developer BFPFilms
Release Date(s) 1-X-2015

The Return to Freddy's 2 Alpha is an early build of the second game of the series,The Return to Freddy's 2.


Like in development for the original The Return to Freddy's, PoniatorFilms/Tyler reused textures from Scott Cawthon's official Five Nights at Freddy's series in the alpha, although in the demo, it was stated that new models would be added in the beta, for both the animatronics, and the cameras, and these were seen in the next demo. It only contained one playable night. The gameplay was similar to the final version, however, there were only 5 cameras and 3 animatronics, the cameras being the Show Stage, Party Room 1, Party Room 2, West Hall, and Ceiling Vent. However, if the game's textures are extracted, images of early models of Sugar and Kitty can be seen, along with the textures of the Parts/Service room, reused from Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Videos of the last alpha version can also be found, featuring a design for Freddy based on the "I'm Still Here" FNAF 3 teaser, a phone call, and other changes.


Differences from the Final Game

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  • There is only one night.
  • Cutscenes are different, taking place in the Dining Area instead of the Parts and Service room. Also, the events are different, and Sugar and Kitty are not present in any of them.
    • Golden Freddy appears in the second cutscene, and instead of having "it's me" at the end, it says "MISS ME?"
    • Shadow Puppet appears in the third cutscene, and instead of having "it's me" at the end, it says "I AM YOU, BUT ARE YOU ME?"
    • There are crying sounds in the fourth cutscene, and instead of having "it's me" at the end, it says "I'M SORRY".
    • The fifth cutscene also has crying sounds. It says, in capital and lowercase letters, "It's okay my love, mommy's here to protect you..."
  • The menu music is different.
  • Freddy and Golden Freddy's appearance is from the I'm Still Here teaser (In the final Alpha only, except for the menu screen, which is in both alphas)
  • Sugar and Kitty FazCat have different models.
  • The jumpscare sound file is much different than the original.