The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth
Author BFPFilms424/Tyler
Release Date 12-1-2016
Link [1]

The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth is the official novel of The Return to Freddy's Saga.



  • The book seems to end directly before the beginning of The Return to Freddy's: The Final Chapter (only going through Pre TRTF - TRTF 4) and doesn't mention what happens after which might leave a possibility for another novel once The Final Chapter for TRTF has been finished giving some explanations of the lore.
  • It's revealed that Gilbert Facility was a top secret hospital located in Japan instead of an actual factory like Fazbear Inc.

Chapter 1

On March 25th of 1942, there was a secret japanese government facility located on the other side of the world called "Gilbert Facility". It was a hospital that held a secret project that was meant to save people from a severe super cancer that was contagious. There was sadly no cure. However on May of 1942, they had the idea of transfering one's soul from one body, to an object or mechanism of any kind of their choosing. So they labeled it as the "Save The Kids Project". They had their technical engineers make some high tech mechanical robots that was hopefully able to handle a human's soul. 3 patients that had the disease were ever so willing to be part of the project and signed up for it. The 3 patients, Patient 20 - Patient 48 - & Patient 63 were sent to the testing chamber where the soul transfer would be in persuit. They were strapped onto the hospital bed for saftey percautions, and were knocked out with a shot so that they wouldn't feel anything during the process. As they put the metal soul extractor tube on all 3 of their hearts and brains, the energy from their body began to drain as the soul began it's transfer. Their heart-rate began to drop fast and went straight onto a flatline. Right when the scientists thought the test was unsuccessful, the robots began to awaken and talk. The test was successful, and the 3 patients have been saved from the super cancer, having Patient 20 put in Fairytale Ty, Patient 48 put in Fairytale Koly, and Patient 63 put in Fairytale Sally. However, they didn't want this to happen to the 3 patients. They wanted them to have their organic forms rather than living in a metal body. But there was no other choice they had. Their was a liquid antidote they were working on, but they feared it would make the virus worse than it already was, so they didn't bother running tests with it just yet. They called it, code:_RADSLA_

On January 4th of 1943, The owner of Gilbert Facility "Gilbert", was very ill. Alei, the son of Gilbert was their when his father later passed away from old age. Before his death, Gilbert said he had wanted to live on for eternity so that he could be there as people were being saved from the virus. So Alei had an idea, he would use the soul transporter they had invented a year ago on his father, and have the scientists working at Gilbert Facility help him make a machine that would provide energy like no other to keep the mecharobots up and running so that the 3 patients and many others would stay alive and not shut down. On July 17th of 1943, the Machine was finished at last. They had the father's body put onto the hospital bed and the machine hooked up to a bunch of computers and monitors, putting as much knowledge, power, and energy into the machine as possible. They couldn't tell whether this would work or not since the father was already dead. But suddenly the machine was activated on it's own, had a voice, a mind of it's own. It was a beautiful creation they had accomplished. On September of 1943, Gilbert Facility had recieved a call coming from America. The person behind the line had a very unsettling voice, as if he was looking into an inside job. He asked about the machine and it's power, and what it would cost to purchase such a device from them. Alei said that it wasn't for sale, and to have a nice day. As Alei hung up, he felt uncomfortable with the person he was just talking to on the phone.

[in America] When Alei hung up on the head boss of the Mafia drug gang, Alison, he was pissed. He wore a red trench coat, blue jeans, and a white fedora. He told the gang: "Pack your bags, we're going to Japan". As the gang members packed their bags and booked a flight at the airport. They had devices of their own that they had created, that would disguise any weapons an metal objects as safe annonymous objects.

Chapter 2

[in Japan] When the flight landed, the gang tracked down where the celular communications were coming from, and headed towards the phone call's location. He called Alei, and gave him a warm welcoming message before he would strike. As he called, Alei picked up the phone. Alei asked who was calling, and Alison replied with: "Hey buddy, it's me... remember..? You declined my offer, and it was gonna be millions. Something that would be worth using to ugrade your... "tech"... but instead, i'm left with a decline. You know how much I hate declined offers that are good? heheh". Then Alison hung up, and sent his team of gang members in. The gang used the tech that they had and shut off all the lights in Gilbert Facility. As Alei was just about to escape the office, the office funnel transporter door shut on him and locked him in. The narrator walks up to the window of the office, and stares at Alei deep into his eyes with dispair. Alei panicks as he starts pounding his fists on the windows and door, but it was no use. The "Narrator" says: "No one... no one declines a good offer... so as a thank you for dragging my ass down here, i'll take what will rightfully be mine... Have fun dying alone, i'll be sure to send a goodbye gift by shutting down your facility and your project to save everyone". As toxic gas starts to release from the air vents in the office being trapped in there, Alei finds it harder and harder to breathe. As he screams for help, no one can hear him since the building was evacuated and several scientists were shot to death, their eyes being minced, and bodies being hung for the world to see. Alei's vision blurs out as his heart slowly stops, and drops to the floor dead. As the gang walks out the doors of Gilbert Facility, Alison finds an interesting antidote bottle that caught his interest. It was labeled "code:_RADSLA_", with a description that said "An antidote being run for tests that is suppose to cure the super cancer virus, but has side-affects like: Itchy throat, light headed, 90% immortality, and loss of sperm. The "90% immortality" made him want to take it, and he did putting in his coat pocket. The gang escaped on time before the police had arrived to investiagate the crime scene. As the gang headed back to the airport a week later to fly back to America, Alison decided to quickly drink half the "code:_RADSLA_" bottle, leaving half the bottle left just in case.

[in America] Now that the gang had a hold of the Machine, they now have full control over the business. They wanted to make loads of money, and they had the idea to run a business known as Fazbear INC. They wanted to make Fazbear INC. a manifacturing facility where they made animatronics of their own and create businesses across America that were for children's entertainment. But this wasn't for the kids, this was for the money. And this was easy money for Alison and the gang to make. On October 3rd of 1943, they created their first children's location called "GoldieParaDiner", where they had an animatronic talking gold bear and gold bunny. They were specially designed suits that Alison liked to call Springlock suits. Both animatronic and a suit for a person to fit inside. As weeks went by, the "Narrator's" greed grew stronger and stronger. He put up a "for hire" sign for Fazbear INC., and quite a lot of people were hired that day. On October 19th of 1943, an entertainer known as the Green Jester or his real name "Gron", was one of those people who were able to take the job at both GoldieParaDiner and Fazbear INC. He was a full time hard working father with a loving wife and 2 kids. A very close friend of Gron's named Vincent was a slacker when it came to jobs. A few days after Vincent got the job at Fazbear INC., Gron and Vincent were talking and slacking off the job as Alison was stalking and secretly watching above in the balcony in disappointment and anger. When things don't go his way, he get's this urge to force control upon those who don't behave. Several other employees were slacking off as well, and breaks were certainly not allowed in Fazbear INC. The employees who don't behave have 2 chances: Break chance 1? You get dragged by the other gang members behind the "secret wall" that lies a horrible dark secret of slavery and enforcement. Break chance 2? You get forced into one of the torture suits and die from head to toe, as the sharp knives and needles stab every part of your body, draining your blood and organs inside out using it as fuel to power up the Torture suits, giving them a new and torturous life of pain and suffering. Luckily for Gron and Vincent, they got a free pass just this once. But as for the others, most of them were sent behind the wall that lies the dark secrets behind Fazbear INC. Gron and Vincent were not aware of what lied behind the wall, or even of it's existence. On October 29th of 1943, Gron and Vincent were finding Alison to be a little suspicious. Their curiousity got out of control as Gron and Vincent started to quietly and stealthfully follow Alison. The "Narrator" was looking around in paranoia as if he felt he was being watched, or wanted to see if the coast was clear. Gron saw the pattern he put into the brick wall, and the wall opened with a long set of stairs going down. The wall closed behind Alison, Gron and Vincent went up to the wall and implemented the same passcode their boss had put in. As the wall opened, they quietly walked down the stairs that was covered in dry and thick red liquid they could only assume was blood. As they got to the last set of stairs, they peaked behind the wall without being seen, and saw something they'll never forget. They saw the lives of many being enslaved, whipped, beat up, and forced to work as the cries of the many echo across the stairs. They were forced to worship this false idle called the "Torture Device" that they saw was under construction and being forced to work on. As Gron and Vincent ran up the stairs, Alison heard the metal stairway sounds. Gron and Vincent quickly headed for Floor 11 where the Machine was located, and tried their best to sabatoge the machine to where it would stop making Torture Suits built for slavery and torture. As Gron and Vincent damaged the Machine, it would seem as if it stopped. But without them realizing, they only made it worse and corrupted the AI. Gron and Vincent went back to Floor 1, and saw Alison standing across from them with anger. As Alison ran towards them trying to kill them, Gron and Vincent ran towards the other direction where the exit was located. They left the building, locked the door, and barricated it. The "Narrator" pounded on the door yelling at them, and as Gron and Vincent ran away, they heard screams, the sound of blood splatter, and flesh being ripped. From that day foward, they only found out they were working for a monster doing the Devil's deed. The "Narrator" however remained alive, and controlling the Torturous beasts that roam the facility of Fazbear INC. On November 5th of 1943, 3 employees who worked at Fazbear INC. accidentally sent off a shipment of 2 more animatronics to the GoldieParaDiner location. The 2 extra suits sooned arrived at the doorstep of GoldieParaDiner, and the owner of the location was confused about the delivery, and opened the package. He didn't make an order and saw that the blueprints for the suits were completely different. These weren't springlock suits, they were something completely different that he didn't know of. So for safety percautions, they put the 2 extras suits known as Golden Frankburt and Golden KittyFazCat in the hidden bunker underground where no one could find them, except for anyone working there. The suits will be checked out soon he said as he closed the latch, and covered it with a rug. The 3 of the employees back at Fazbear INC. went to Floor 9 out of curiousity, and investigated why their boss put Floor 9 as off limits. They opened the door, and heared as it creaked open. Their was webs and dust everywhere, and in front of the 3 of their eyes, lied 3 torture suits: The Beast, Torture Buster, and Torture Saber (warewolf animatronic). The boss (Narrator) checked the cams and saw the 3 employees in Floor 9. The 3 employees saw meat clevers, hooks, chains, knives, slaughter equipment, dead corpses, and other grotest and grusome things like intestines and eyeballs. There was blood absolutely everywhere, and it was a sight that wasn't worth seeing. The 3 employees turned around to see Alison standing in front of them saying: "I thought I said this room was off limits, hmm? Did you really think you could get away with this? This is my factory... my rules... and you didn't play by my rules..." One of the 3 employees said: "I'm sorry... please... let us go... I have kids to feed... we won't go into the room again... We s-swear on our life we won't t-tell anyone...." Alison replied with: "Bet on it..." Alison grabbed a rusty metal pipe off the ground and abused them with it to the point where they were brused severely and blood was running down their nose and mouth. The 3 employees were foolish enough to go into the 3 Torture suits labeled "The Slaughter Crew", and thought that they could fight back using the metal torture suits. They were wrong and failed to notice that when they couldn't move. Alison could do nothing but laugh and grin evily at them. One of the 3 employees said: "I..I'm stuck.... GET US OUT OF THESE THINGS!!!" Alison replied again with: "You dumb asses, when a person enters these torture suits it automatically deploys torture mode, meaning YOU'RE NOT GETTING OUT. See this button here? I'm gonna press it, and i'm gonna watch as you die, and scream my name. I'll watch as your family looses you and wonders why you never came home for a warm meal. I'll watch as your family wonders why you never came back home to say goodnight to your children. Goodbye fools, it was a shame it had to come to this." As Alison presses the button, one of the employees yell: "DAMN YOU!" As the torture suit shoves and stabs the knives and needles from head to toe, draining every bit of blood and organs in their bodies using it as fuel, they screamed and cried as Alison watched them die until he heard nothing more come out of their mouths. On December 23rd of 1943, Gron was going to take his wife and 2 kids to GoldieParaDiner as an early Christmas celebration for the kids. Gron got into the car, and while he was buckling the seatbelt, his wife Lynda yelled Gron's name, and Gron looked up only to see a car charging right towards them at high speed, crashing their car. The impact was severe, and the damage to the family was near death. Alison stepped out of his car, walked up to Gron while he was knocked out and said in his ear: "You will learn from this, and learn not to fuck with me and my business ever again". Alison decided to then run away back to Fazbear INC. and wear new spare clothing so that the evidence of him being a part of the crash wasn't there. The neighbors then walked outside and saw the damage, contacting 911. The ambulance soon arrived bringing them to the emergency room. Alison saw this happen and wasn't about to allow Gron's life to go back to the way it was. So he sent one of his gang members to be a hitman and cause some more damage to Gron's life. When the ambulance arrived at the hospital and got into the emergency room, the doctor's were falsy called out to another patient for another "doctor" to take over the procedure. The gang member's hitman then entered the room, disguised as a doctor. He walked up to Gron, and looked at him for the longest time. He then said: "You should have never became part of the Fazbear INC. family". He then walked over to Lynda's life support, starred back at Gron, then ripped the cord shutting down every bit of life Lynda had left in her. Gron saw a glimpse of this happen as he was opening his eyes and yelled: "NOOOOOO" as he broke down in tears seeing his life falling apart one chunk at a time. The hitman then ran to Gron and knocked him out by hitting him across the head with his handgun. The hitman then snuck out of the building, the job was done. One of the real doctor's returned to the room finding the life support deactivated and called for medical attention for the patients immediately. Several doctor's then headed over to the room to assist. A day later on December 24th, Gron awoke from his sleep on the hospital bed. The doctor's looked at him as he awoke, and sighed with disappointment. One of the doctor's came up to Gron and said: "Gron... we're afraid we have some bad news.... we tried everything we could to stablize your wife... but... she's gone.... i'm sorry...." Gron could do nothing but break down crying. As Gron got up, he limped towards his dead wife on the hospital bed, and kissed her hand in tears. Gron kept whispering "I'm Sorry" to his wife and children. The other doctor then stood up and said: "We're going to have to send your youngest child to a foster family... we need to assure his safety.... but... we can't do the same for your oldest child since... he's at the age where he can make his own decisions.... we can't force that with the age that he's in..." The youngest child then got up, hugged his father (Gron), and said: "I love you daddy". The doctor then held the youngest child's hand, and walked him to the new family he was being sent to. The youngest child looked back at his father as he was walking with the doctor and waved goodbye. The oldest child then made a choice, he decided he was going to stay with his father, he loved him too much to just let him go. They were safe to return back to their home since they're in a good enough condition to do so. So Gron and the oldest child got into a taxi and went back home. Gron then decided to give his oldest child an early christmas present. As the oldest child opened the present, he looks to see a hat that Gron used to wear. As rediculous of a present it was, he appreciated it, charished it, and smiled. Gron smiled as well. As the day turned to night, it was about time to head to bed. Gron got his son all tucked in bed and fast asleep, and kisses his forhead. Gron couldn't bare to have his child see his own father in such a horrible state of condition. He didn't want his child to see his own father in so much pain, physically and mentally. So Gron then wrote a little note for his son to read and it's said: "Dear Charles, daddy won't be home for a very long time... I did some things that I can't exactly explain to you since you are too young to understand. I'm sorry my little one, I will be back... soon... - Your daddy". The oldest son Charles, didn't know what to do alone. He only knew so much, but he wasn't ready for this. He then stood paralized for a few seconds and heard a voice in his head. Charles heard whispering in his head that had a familiar voice, that almost sounded like his mother. He slowely looked towards the last unopened gift box, slowly opened it, and the whispers grew louder and louder.

Chapter 3

[Meanwhile, with Gron] Gron went to meet up with his old pal Vincent at GoldieParaDiner. All he could hear were whispers in his head saying "The Prophecy" over and over again. As he opened the doors, the owner came up to Gron saying: "Hey Gron! Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear what happened to your wife and younger child. I really am sorry to hear this. Is there anything I could do to help you out?" Gron replied with: "A drink and maybe some Advil would help, thanks..." Gron then started hallucinating and saw a little boy with a fedora and blue shirt. It almost looked like him when he was little, but as Gron looked closer, it WAS him. Gron's hallucinated younger self grabbed his hand and led him towards the back room of GoldieParaDiner. Vincent saw Gron acting as if he was drunk, and came to help Gron snap into his senses. Vincent grabs Gron and shakes him saying: "Gron! Buddy! Can you hear me? Please snap out of it buddy". Gron then snaps to his senses and his blurry vision begins to stablize. Gron then cries on Vincent's shoulder and says: "I'm sorry Vincent, I don't know what's wrong with me..." Vincent replies with: "Hey, it's okay. You started acting really strange, and I just want to be sure that my pal is in an a-okay condition. Now, shall we get that drink you wanted?" Gron nodded as they went to get a drink in the coke despensers at GoldieParaDiner. On their way there, Gron started having flashbacks of the car accident flash before his eyes and started hallucinating again. He sees the younger version of himself holding his hand once again pulling him towards the back room, Gron sees the Golden Frankburt suit just sitting their and the Golden KittyFazCat suit in the Fazbear INC. manifacturing shipping box. Gron sees his hallucinated younger self grab meat clevers, and stab it through his own feet and hands as he hangs hiself on the wall to bleed. Gron's body moved him towards the Golden Frankburt suit, and the whispers in his head saying "The Prophecy" grew louder and louder. As Gron stepped into the Torture suit of Golden Frankburt, he looks around for a self deploy button, and it deploys torture mode killing him. The suit stabs knives and needles from head to toe draining his blood and organs inside out for fuel. Vincent walks in to see this, and yells Gron's name. Vincent then yells for help, and the boss and employees come to see Gron's body inside of the suit. Gron then comes back to life with the fuel that was provided by his own flesh and blood, making him more violent and aggresive like a wild animal out for prey. He growls like some sort of zombie as he tried to kill Vincent, but the boss and the other employees pull Gron/Golden Frankburt back and shove him into the metal storage closet. As they locked it, the boss said: "We must never mention this to anyone... got it? Am I clear everyone?" as he says this to Vincent and the employees in the hidden bunker room. They all nodded and agreed. There would be no way of explaining such an event to the police, they would think they're completely nuts and potentially drunk. Vincent says: "Gron's a great person... I don't understand what's going on... or why any of this is even happening... wait... sir, i'll be right back. I just have to run to Gron's house quick, something's not right". As Vincent goes to Gron's house, he knocks on the door several times, but there was no answer. He then kicks the door, and knocks it down. He then walks into the living room to see Charles (Gron's oldest son), hung by a noose with slit arms. There was a note underneath the fedora on the floor written in blood saying "I'M SORRY DADDY". As weeks went by, GoldieParaDiner started loosing more and more customers. Things weren't the same without Gron, he was like family in GoldieParaDiner. Police then discovered blood stains in the hidden bunker, and they opened it up seeing the limped and slumped over Golden Frankburt suit lying there. They weren't gonna touch that thing, so they left it to rot. They were afraid it would cause damage or even worse, become an even greater threat. GoldieParaDiner was then shut down due to the incedent that accured there that Police discovered. The owner and employees had to explain what accured the day it happened, and the law enforcement surprisingly believed them. They can see the violence in that thing just by looking at it.

On February 2nd of 1944, GoldieParaDiner soon made it's return as Frankburt's Pizza. The owner of GoldieParaDiner wanted to do something different this time around instead of using Gold bears and bunnies. Instead he wanted to use the design of Golden Frankburt and Golden KittyFazCat, and make them not-so-golden. So he made designs for them and their own colors instead of the bland gold color. They redesigned the suit blueprints since the owner was confused on how to design them. He made the new Frankburt and KittyFazCat without even realizing he was technically making a 40% safer torture suit. As soon as the building was repaired and repainted, GoldieParaDiner made it's Grand Re-Opening as Frankburt's Pizza. Sadly for the business due to the previous incedent, it didn't become that popular as it was before. The food their was stale, and the quality of the drinks weren't to great. So a month later on March 10th, Frankburt's Pizza was shut down.

[in Japan] While Gilbert Facility's rival company Fazbear INC. was making it's way to the top and taking all the credit, they were still continuing with their research project on the "Save The Kids Project". Ever since the incedent of 1943 and Alei's death, the scientists were working on making something where Alei would be alive again and keep his organic body while at the same time have mechanisms that give him life. The project was questionable whether it was going well or not. But a few moments later as they were working on Alei's revival, the mechanisms fluctuate and go haywire making Alei come to life, but as an phsycopathic humanoid that wants to tear everyone in it's path alive. The scientists grappled Alei's arms to the hospital bed to where he can't escape. They feared Alei is this way because something must have happened to the machine for these side-affects to happen. The signals and servers within Alei were linked directly to the machine since there was no way to fix the soul transporter without Alei, and since he's in a very aggresive and violent state, he won't help at all with fixing it. They couldn't control Alei's behavior towards the scientists and everyone in his path, so they had to force him into the testing chamber where he wouldn't escape, or at least have a hard time escaping. On March 20th of 1944, Gilbert Facility needed a night guard to take the night shift. They assigned one of the scientists to take the nightshift and make sure that nothing is taken, hacked, damaged, or anything else inside and out. They need their facility to be safe from theft. One of the scientists named Chai Tun told the night guard Loyd to take a few mechanical equipments they had in store for protection against any harm that might come to him. Chai handed Loyd a body armor that was mechanically used as an intercom, a adreniline decreaser incase his heart-rate get's too high, and a mechanical toxic gas mask. Chai also guided Loyd through the computer system above the office used to block hacks against annonymous hackers that might be using their tech to their advantage. He gave him very vidal instructions on what commands to use in the system incase these things were to happen. Chai even warned Loyd that no matter what they do to prevent the hacks, they can still access Patient 20, 48, and 63's systems and take control of them. Chai said: "The 3 patients would never do anything to harm anyone, they're good kids. But these hacks can still happen regardless of what we do, and you need to be prepared for these things when it does happen, which I hope dearly that it doesn't...." Loyd was guided around the office and Chai said: "This Loyd, is your office. Well, the only office we have. It's a travel pod, almost like an elevator, only it doesn't travel up and down. It travels in a funnel pipe and goes to several different locations whether the elevator goes up, down, left, right, or even upside down. Stay in your seat and buckle up when traveling to the 2 other floors at all times to prevent any injuries. Everything in this office is pretty much drilled in place so that the fan doesn't come flying right at you and cause potential damage. We'll give you a call every now and then to check up on you to be sure that you're alright. Sometimes we may not call since we'd most likely be off duty and asleep. Please stay safe Loyd, and maintain everything while we're gone. We're depending on you." As the other scientists left the building, Loyd's nightshift had started. Around 3am, things started to not seem right. He checked the retractable camera behind him, and saw that everything was okay. However, he heard a beeping noise. He pulled down the latter and climed up the office rooftop area where the computer system was located. He looked at the screen, and saw that he WAS infact being hacked by an annonymous hacker named "fbinc". He knew what to do, so he implemented the code to block the hack that was going towards Patient 20. Patient 20 woke up from his sleep and was scared on why he had no control over his own body. Patient 20 was on his way towards the office to try and kill Loyd.

Chapter 4

[in America] Alison had every intention to shut Gilbert Facility down, to take full-on control of everything. He tried every hack he could think of, and some new ones he created himself to hack into Gilbert Facility's systems to kill the nightguard. The only way he could shut them down, is if a murder was involved by one of their very own creations. It would give them a bad reputation and everything would belong to Fazbear INC. Alison would get what he wanted. When he had control over Fairytale Ty/Patient 20, Alison couldn't help but to laugh. It's like a flame just bursted in his eyes, seeing destruction everywhere he goes.

[in Japan] Loyd said to Patient 20: "Ty, can you hear me? If you can, please hold back for as long as you can". Patient 20/Ty replied with: "I'm t-t-trying, but I can't move my own body. Someone's taking control of it... p-please... help me... I don't want to do anything to cause any harm towards people..." Loyd started to panick and went back to the computer system above him. As he re-booted the system, he typed in the code "//sys//reset_ptnt20_coreROOT". Lucky for both Loyd and Patient 20, he stopped moving and blocked the hack coming from "fbinc".

[in America] Alison said: "So.. you like playing it that way do you..? How bout a little toxicity to make things more exciting?!?" As Alison accesses the root console and activates the toxic breach, the airvents open up and release a very toxic gas in Gilbert Facility.

[in Japan] Loyd activated the toxic gas mask that was part of his mechanical body armor. It made it just a little hard for him to breathe, but at least he wasn't prone to the toxins that were breaching into the office. Alison then started hacking Patient 48 and 63's systems. They then started to move, and Alison got access back into Patient 20. As Loyd traveled to Floor 3 using the Office's funnel tube traveling system, he went into Floor 3's medical room where he would take a pill for a toxic cure, and another pill for an Asma cure. As he took the 2 pills, he went back into the office and funneled back to Floor 1. Alison had looked through Gilbert Facility's system codes and found another test subject that was labeled "DO NOT ACCESS". The person's name that was Do Not Access due to a failed experiment, was Alei. As Alison accessed his root code and got him to wake up and get him online, he set a targetting system on it and made it specifically target Loyd. Alei's system kept malfunctioning and it made him become extremely violent and aggresive. Alei charged through the halls and crawled as fast as he could through the vents like some Zombie on a hunger rampage. As Alei made it to Floor 1, Loyd saw the thing he once tested on. Loyd could feel nothing but fear, and a shock of paranoia flow through his body and vains. Alei saw Loyd standing there in the office, he was eager to rip every bone in his body. As Alei charged and crawled towards the office, Loyd quickly shut the office door and opened the security shelter hatch below the office. As the latch opened like a vault of some sort, he climed down the latter and closed the latch above him. He went into Gilbert Facility's subtunnel train-subway system, and stepped into the train. He activated the train using his ID card and the train's tunnel navigation system then asked for a destination somewhere in 3 different other locations underground. He chose the location where they pack extra supplies in crates, in other words "the storage and supply room". The train has been moving for the past 3 minutes, it didn't take long at all to reach it's destination. Loyd had felt the erge to fall asleep, his body felt weaker and weaker as the medicine started to kick in. But as the train stopped and blew it's final whistle, he had fully awoken from his erge to sleep. He rushed to get into the supply room where he felt more safer than ever. He ran behind the desk and just lied there for several hours hiperventilating. He looked across from him to see a large kitchen knife, he could either just end his life here and now, or save the company's reputation making him die a hero. Doing so would save the "Save The Kids Project". He grabbed a propaine tank and carried it with him, until he heard loud noises rampaging through the vents. The noises went from right to left, he could feel a cold chill down his neck from all the fear that is flowing through him. Loyd looked to see a handgun on the metal shelf to his right, he said: "What the hell is a gun doing in this facility? I mean I guess for situations like this it could really come in handy... I just answered my own question." The ventilation noises got louder and louder, until it came to a stop. Loyd stood there in silence for the longest time with his finger on the trigger, while the gun was pointing towards the propaine tank next to him. The silence grew more and more, Loyd felt as if he was gone. As Loyd put the handgun back into his pocket he turned around to leave, right then the vent popped open and Alei lunged towards Loyd and pounced him. Loyd was trying to get him off, but Alei grabbed a rusty metal pipe and jabbed it into his arms and legs pinning him to the ground. Loyd could do nothing but tear up and scream for his life. He quickly pointed the gun at the propaine tank and shot it before he could ever bleed out missing the chance to end Alei's out of control life. As the propaine tank exploded, the blast radius hit the other propaine tanks, destroying the storage and supply room along with Alei and Loyd. Alison realized that Alei's online signal just went offline. He stood there slowly grinning and laughing. He was sick to the head to laugh at someone killing themself. It was a day later when the rest of the scientists arrived to go back to work, when as they entered the building they saw the damage that had been done. It wasn't any of their day at all, the police were around the time they saw the damage, and they filed a report to shut the facility down for good along with everything contained in the building. Patient 20/Fairytale Ty was shutdown as well along with Patient 48/Koly, and Patient 63/Sally. Alison's job was done, he finally got what he wanted. Ownership over a leading company, shuting down the former leading company, killing Loyd and Alei. Everything is coming along just as he had planned.

[in America] Alison was getting older and older every year, but the code:_RADSLA_ kept him from ever dying. The only way he could die, if he was crushed alive or stabbed in the heart.

Chapter 5

It was September 4th 1985, and a new resteraunt ran by once again Fazbear INC. recently opened up called Fredbear's Family Diner. A new owner ran the resteraunt, it was Vincent. The new resteraunt was a success! They had many new characters to show off on the stage such as Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Kitty Fazcat 2.0, Sugar the Cat, Dug the Dog, and the Puppet. They had the old animatronics in the backroom for storage and safe keeping. The only suit that was ever left in there, was ol' Frankburt. As days went by, the popularity of the resteraunt grew more day by day. They had no-one to take the nightshift yet, but due to the popularity of the resteraunt, they needed someone to take the job as security guard. About a day later on September 5th, Jefferson was hired to take the nightshift. Jefferson was an alright employee. He hasn't really been doing his job, instead he goes out of his office and plays the arcade machines while eating the left over stale pizza in the employee's lunch fridge. Meanwhile with Alison, he was planning a little trip to meet an old friend's youngest son Jackson. Jackson, Gron's youngest son that was sent to a Foster Family was all grown up, had a son of his own, but was in a divorce a couple years back. Jackson could feel something rising before him, and it wasn't a good feeling. Jackson was worried about the fate of him and his own son Carson. Alison looked through the phone book, and found Jackson's address. He knew all about Jackson through Gron. His last name, favorite food, etc. Alison brought a gun with him, he hated Gron and his family ever so dearly. Alison drove all the way up to his address, then walked up the steps, then knocked on the door. Jackson then snapped out of his worrying daydream, and was wondering who would want to knock on his door and visit him. He wasn't expecting any visitors. Jackson then opened the door to see a man with a white fedora and red trench coat. Alison smiled menacingly, Jackson then said, "Hello, who may you be?" Alison then introduced himself and said, "I know all about you, infact I knew your biological father." Jackson was curious and wanted to know more, so in responce he let him into his home. Jackson then said, "Please do tell me more, oh and please make yourself at home. We have coffee made and other things if you ever want anything." Alison then replied with, "Thank you, but i'm fine." As Alison was telling Jackson all about his biological father, Gron, he then said, "You and your family have left a mark in my life, and that mark has changed my life forever. And i'd like to return the favor." Jackson was confused, until Alison pulled out a pistol and shot Jackson right in the center of his forhead. Alison chuckled, then said, "Thank you for the drink by the way, you have a lovey home." Alison then left the house, and went back into his car going back to Fazbear INC. Carson was at school at the time, but when the school bus arrived home, he came back to see his father shot, blood all over the ground, and a dented bullet shell on the ground. Carson ran up to his father's corpse, hugging it in tears. He ran up to his neighbor's house asking them for help, and that his father had been shot. The neighbor's called the police department and the sherrif went up to Carson and hugged him. The Sherrif then said, "shhhhh it's going to be okay. We're here, i'll take you to the police department and we'll settle things out. Do you know where your mother is?" Carson could only reply with, "My mom and dad split up a couple years back. We couldn't get a hold of her since." The Sherrif looked at Carson with disappointment, guilt, and sorrow. The neighbor came up to the Sherrif and said, "We'll take care of him." The Sherrif allowed it, and the neighbor took him in as her own. A couple years have past, and it's the day of September 29th 1987. Vincent had just found out about Jefferson's "nightshift behavior", and it wasn't acceptable. Vincent then went up to Jefferson and said, "Jefferson, we need to talk. Come with me..." Jefferson had a confused look on his face, but he followed his manager anyways. Vincent then took him to his office and discussed his actions during the nightshift. "Jefferson, we can't have a nightguard taking the nightshift if you're not even going to do your job as you're told." Jefferson looked upset and responded, "w-what? What are you talking about? I've been doing my job, and no-one's been around." Vincent laughed with sarcasm and said, "Oh really? Then why in the security camera tapes do I see you wondering off playing with the arcade machines? You sure are doing your job Jeff. Go on, i'd like to hear more about your nightshift for the past couple years. Was it nice to not do your job and yet get a paycheck anyways?" Jefferson gulped and started to sweat from being nervous. "I-i'm sorry sir.... i'll never do it again..." Vincent replied, "Damn right you'll never do it again, cause you're fired." Jeff said, "w-wait what?!? b-but sir!" Vincent could only interupt saying, "GET OUT OF MY DAMN OFFICE JEFF! YOU'RE FIRED, AND THAT'S THAT!" Jefferson stood there for a moment, as he slowly left the office and closed the door he could only sit down on the ground with his back leaned against the wall, taking out his phone and calling his wife. "Hey hun... i'm gonna be home early.... n-no no i'll.. i'll explain when I get home... Yeah.... Love you too... bye....." As he hung up, he left work to go back home. Vincent felt fustration that not even one person could do his job and yet he was getting paychecks. It was the dayshift and families were coming in to have a great time with their kids. The animatronic band was playing, kids laughter was heard, it was the happiest place on earth. It made Vincent smile and feel good inside to feel all the positive energy surrounding Fredbear's. But then Vincent heard a voice whispering in his head. It sounded as if a child was right next to him. Vincent looked around, but there was no-one talking to him. Vincent then saw a little boy across from him, just staring at him. It looked like his best friend Gron as a child, he remembered because Vincent and Gron had been friends for all he can remember. The child wore a black fedora, light blue shirt, and jeans. Vincent thought this was crazy, Vincent in a child form couldn't be real. It wasn't, it was all in his mind. The prophecy won't end until someone stops Alison. The child started whispering "come with me... come with me...." The child lended his hand towards Vincent, then Vincent got off his chair with the blankest expression on his face, as if he was possessed or if he saw a ghost. He couldn't control his body, it just kept moving towards the child he visioned. Vincent then held the child's hand as if it was his own. They walked down the dark corridor towards the parts and service room. When they got there, Vincent realized what he had been doing and snapped out of his senses, but yet could still see the ghost child. Vincent then said, "n-n-no... please... go away... what are you...?" Vincent then started throwing punches at the ghost child, doing everything he could to make it go away. He kicked it in the gut, punched it, threw it, abused it all over. It started crying, limping, bleeding, all the way towards the Frankburt animatronic. It was hiding to keep itself safe. As the child was crying, the Lockjaw suit's torture mechanism activated due to the tears getting into the wire sercuits and blowing a fuse. The suit had a system error, then the needles went from head to toe, draining every bit of blood and organs inside out, using it was fuel for the suit to have new life. The ghost child, struggling to escape tried to headbut his way out of the suit, but instead just made a hole in the mouth area of the Frankburt animatronic head. Vincent's vision of the ghost child then went away, and he then realized that the ghost child he was trying to make go away wasn't a ghost child at all. It was an innocent young little boy, who wore a red and blue striped shirt. Vincent stood there staring at the dead body, tearing up on his eyes, then fell to his knees crying. "What have I done?!? I'm so so so sorry, why couldn't I see that it was a real child sooner...? How am I ever going to move on from this...?" As Vincent was crying, he then had the idea to leave the body as it was, it looked like a normal animatronic enough with or without the body inside. Vincent then left the parts and service room, to go back to the main room. One of the employees taking the day shift saw Vincent and walked up to him in concern. "Uh... boss...? Are you okay?" Vincent looked at him with fear and replied, "Y-yeah yeah, i'm fine. Don't worry about me. Just getting a little emotional from all the joy surrounding the resteraunt that's all... Uh hey, can you put a Now Hiring sign out the door so that we can find someone to take the nightshift again?" The dayshift employee, Nathan, replied "Sure thing boss!" Right when Nathan grabbed the sign from the supply closet, someone walked up to Nathan and asked a question. "Hey, are you hiring? I'm Cawnoth Cotts by the way." Nathan replied, "I'm Nathan, nice to meet you! Also yes, we are hiring. Would you like to apply?" Cawnoth replied with, "yes please, I'm looking for a job anyways, and this seems to be the perfect place to have a job." Nathan chucked, "Yeah, this place is absolutely wonderful! If you want to apply, the manager is just right over there." Nathan pointed towards the manager's office. Cawnoth walked towards the manager's office to see Vincent with his head over his arms on the desk. Cawnoth gently knocked on the door to get Vincent's attention. As Vincent's head rose up, he saw a man standing in-front of him. Vincent said, "How may I help you?" Cawnoth replied, "I'd like to apply for a job. Is there any opening spots available?" Vincent nodded and said, "Why yes, we desperately need a security guard to take the nightshift. How's that for you?" Cawnoth smiled and said, "Yes, that'd be perfect! I'll make sure that everything is safe and sound." Vincent smiled too and knew that this was the perfect guy to take the nightshift. Vincent then said, "Alright! You're in bud, welcome to the family! You're shift starts tonight at 12 AM." Vincent then turned behind him to open a drawer with brand new spare security guard outfits. He then handed Cawnoth several outfits to him so that he has spares at home. Cawnoth then said, "Thank you sir, I won't let you down." Vincent smiled then nodded. It was 12AM, the 1st night of Cawnoth's nightshift as security guard. The night was quite, all he could hear was himself breathing, the light silently buzzing, and the crisp air. As hours past, Cawnoth was getting tired and was about to fall asleep. In the Parts and Service room, Frankburt came to life at last. The fuel had finally kicked in, and the child possessing the suit looked at his hands. He saw that he was not human anymore, but instead an animatronic. He couldn't feel anything anymore, only pain. The child was confused as his soul left the suit, only to become a ghost child invisible to the human eye. He could anything to control anything now. He wanted to speak to someone, asking for help to let his move on. He couldn't live his life like this.

Chapter 6

The ghost child, or as he's known to be the Lockjaw child, went to possess Bonnie. Bonnie was then activated and carnival music started playing. The security guard, Cawnoth, woke up from his 11 second nap and heard the music playing by itself. He stood up from his chair and said nervously, "H-hello? Who's there?" Cawnoth then heard footsteps, multiple footsteps. The ghost child had possessed multiple animatronics, and they were moving all about. Freddy had walked horrifically towards the office, then just stood there in the pear end of the hall, and stared horrifyingly. Cawnoth walked back slowly from his desk in fear and shock. Freddy just stood there staring down his eyes as if he was a hungry black bear ready to chase down it's prey. Cawnoth's desk phone then starting ringing, and Cawnoth's hands were shaking as he slowly picked up the phone. Cawnoth then said, "h-h-hello?" The man on the other end replied, "Hello? Hello? Hey bud, welcome to Fredbear's Family Diner! Allow me to introduce myself, i'm Alison or you could just call me the phone guy as many of the employees like to call me behind my back. Welcome to your first night as security guard to take the nightshift. Make yourself all comfy and at home, as a gift for taking the job we gave you a mask. We don't know if you're alergic to laytex or not, so if you are it'll be toxic for ya and I wouldn't put it on if I were you. Have a good night bud!" The man on the other side of the phone, Alison also known as "the phone guy", hung up. The child stopped possessing Freddy at the time, so it just looked like he was staring at Cawnoth. Cawnoth just looked at Freddy with fear and wore the laytex Freddy mask even though he knew he was alergic to laytex. He thought it would ward off Freddy. The ghost child then possessed Freddy again to find a person to ask for help freeing him, but only saw a man with a Freddy mask. The ghost child thought it was just another display attraction, so Freddy then walked back to his stage. Cawnoth took off the mask hesitating to breathe, only finding out that the mask seems to work for self defense. As days have gone by, the child grew with anger due to him not finding someone to ask for help. During the day the ghost child was asleep, during the night he awakens from his eternal tomb known to be the Frankburt suit. It was the 3rd day that Cawnoth has worked here, and families came over with their kids. But this day was about to be a little different for everyone. One kid came over and wanted to impress his friends by looking like "the cool and tough kid in town". So the kid decided to choose one of the animatronics, and went up to Sugar the Cat, tore his hands out, and damaged him. The other adults and kids looked at what he was doing, and the manager called security, and they had the kid and his friends kicked out of the building and called up their parents. The manager walked up to them and said, "Do you have any idea what you have done? You cost me a lot of money, and have tore up most of kids' favorite animatronic. The damage is to pricey to even repair him." The manager had a stern expression on his face. A few days have past, and it was the final night of the week. Things were acting up and was about to be Cawnoth's last night to ever work here again. It was when the time hit 12:45AM Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and everyone else started awakening from their slumber all because of one ghost child that had died inside of the Frankburt animatronic. They were angry, restless, and agressive. Cawnoth was more terrified than he ever was, he never told the manager or anyone else about his experiences during the nightshift. They'd think he's a nutjob and potentially fire him. He had to strive to go through each restless night. It was worth puting a warm meal on his kids' table. Cawnoth could hear laughter of a child flowing throughout the building, all the child had wanted is help to free his spirit. He wanted to feel love again. But Cawnoth didn't know about this, all that was going through his mind was the fear of death rising upon his very being. He heard stomping growing louder and louder throughout the halls. It was 5:58AM, and Dug was there across from him. KittyFazcat and Sugar were traveling through the vents into the office, and the rest were rampaging through the halls onward to Cawnoth. They jumped towards Cawnoth, and it turned 6:00AM. The animatronics just tumbled to the ground, looking like soul-less puppets. Cawnoth covered his face and shook with terror, as he slowly uncovered his face, he saw them all on the ground. About around 6:32AM, the manager and the other employees entered the building and saw the animatronics on the ground. They were here and there, scattered like a mess of legos. Vincent asked, "What... the hell.... happened?" Cawnoth sighed, walked up to Vincent and slapped a pink-slip on his chest, then walked out the door slamming it shut. The other employees just looked around in shock, staring at what had happened, then looked back at Vincent. Vincent was shocked, then looked at what the pink-slip had to say. It read: "Resignation, assigned to a new job several blocks away. Animatronics moving around at night, and even attempted to get into the office. P.S. Using the mask seems to fool them and make them stay away from me. Advise that to any of your new employees." Vincent was about to think that he was nuts, but looking at what had happened, he believed him. Vincent had raised enough money to expand the building and make it even bigger with better animatronics with facial recognition. Therefore the building was named from Fredbear's Family Diner, to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

Chapter 7

As years went by, the newly re-opened Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was closed down due to bad service. It was the year of November 2015, and they had transfered the old Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to a new location that wasn't all that pretty and low budget. Wires were poking out, there were cobwebs, the doors were broken, but it was better than nothing. The security guard Mike had the job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza before, and came back to apply again due to the newspaper article mentioning the animatronics being repaired and fixed. Vincent knew Mike, he was his best employee. He was happy for him to come back to taking the job. Vincent was getting tired of putting up help wanted signs. To this day, the ghost child's quest for help freeing him from the constant pain and suffering remains. He had possessed the animatronics all to this day. Mike expected a decent time here, and was looking forward to the better paycheck that was gonna be given to him at the end of the week. He had recieved a phone call from Vincent, and Vincent jokingly said, "What are you doing here? Don't you have better things in your life to do?" Mike knew he was kidding around about Mike's previous experience with the Fazbear Establishments. Vincent then mentioned about hopefully there being nothing to worry about tonight, and if anything ever goes wrong, tomorrow morning he'll call up mechanics to try to fix them up. After the phone call had ended, there was silence, all but a music box playing in the distance. Mike found the Puppet to be a clever touch up to the place. It was 2:34 AM, and it wasn't too long until Mike saw on the camera an empty music box. Mike was concerned but not too much in a panick since things like this don't surprise him anymore. The ghost child was possessing the puppet until he could finally access his tomb again. But the ghost child had the idea to use the same stradegy of communication again, only this time it was different. He went up to the stage to where he would tamper with the animatronic's wires and put a bit of his soul inside. They started to act up again, and Mike could only reply with, "Oh god dammit. Not this shit again". Freddy wondered around, Chica could only go up to a camera where Mike would see her ripping her hands out, Bonnie went up to another camera where Mike would see her ripping her arm off. Foxy could only go to the office to screech with pain, calling for help. The ghost child was doing everything he possibly could to find some way of communication, calling out for Mike's help, but all Mike could see was malfunctioning animatronics trying to get into his office. The ghost child could do nothing but curl up and cry to himself. He's doing everything he can to show mike that his heart is torn, he's in pain. That's why he made the animatronics tear themselves apart. As days past, the mechanics had no idea what was wrong with the animatronics, and was getting fed up with having to fix these damn animatronics from tearing themselves apart every night, but the paycheck for fixing them was worth it for the mechanics. As Mike went home for the day to prepare for the next nighshift, he kept having nightmares about it being dark, him being by himself, with the animatronics growing in numbers and a ghost staring at him in the center of the room. It was the same nightmare constantly over and over again. When the final nightshift arrived, Mike was concidering quiting his job. Vincent had called him, and he seemed to be in a panick. Vincent had told Mike about him feeling like someone was watching him, stalking him. Vincent was scared and alone. He mentioned something about a tall black figure with long hair, a woman, calling out to him about her son, questioning why he wasn't there with Gron to stop her youngest son from being with a Foster Family sooner. The phone call then cut to a static and hung up, Mike was worried for Vincent and was scared that he had died. Mike was definately going to quit his job now. There's no manager to run the Establishment anymore. The Prophecy kept lurking it's way towards the end of human kind, and will keep going until someone kills Alison. After the last shift was over, Mike abandoned the Fazbear Establishment, quit his job, and was never heard from again. A few months later, there were a group of teenage boys named Blake, Chun, and Wilson. As kids they absolutely loved going to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, so Wilson asked Chun and Blake, "Hey guys, what do you think of running a Fazbear Establishment ourselves? We could contact the owners of the company if we could run one ourselves." Chun replied, "It sounds like a shit load of fun, but where are we going to get the supplies to bring this Establishment to life again?" Blake said, "Well, we could go looting down by the old past resteraunts from decades ago. I mean come on, there's a rumored past resteraunt called Frankburt's Pizza, we could use that as the building." Wilson then said, "You mean use an old crummy building? Wouldn't it like, fall apart?" Blake replied, "Not if we have customers, we'd get paid meaning more money. Therefore we'd be able to afford repairing the place up!" Chun said, "I like the idea, let's go for it." As weeks went by, Blake, Chun, and Wilson saved up money to purchase the abandoned resteraunt building known to be called Frankburt's Pizza. It was a 2 story building, the 2nd floor wasn't used much and was mainly an employee's lounging room to get away from work. But they wanted to use both floors to make the biggest pizzeria in town. Blake assisted to be taking the nightshift incase anyone was around. Chun and Wilson were split up looting from several different Fazbear locations. Wilson gave Blake a call to check up on him and said, "Hey Blake, how's it going? Chun and I are out looting at the moment. Before you took the nightshift, we brought in KittyFazcat from Frankburt's Pizza and Bonnie from Fredbear's Family Diner. I remember as a kid that there were rumors lurking around about the animatronics coming to life, but I call that bullshit." Wilson and Blake laughed the rumors off while discussing the business that they wanted to create. Wilson then asked, "So uh Blake? Chun and I were wondering if you thought of any great ideas for this new Establishment? Chun thought of a horror attraction, but that idea is pure shit. I thought of an idea about this being a Fantasy Land. It's different from what any previous owners of the Establishments had, and it's unique for a pizzeria. We could add some rides, more arcade machines, shows, cotten candy, anything fantasy-ish that you can think of!" Blake said, "Honestly Wilson, for once in a long time you have an amazing idea! Let's go for it, it's different as you've said". Wilson said, "Yeah, but it may take A LOT of time to repair the building though and make it look like a fantasy world. Well, i'll talk to you in 2 days, Chun is gonna call you tomorrow. See ya later Blake!" Then the call hung up.

Chapter 8

When hours past, Blake got more and more bored. He started playing some mobile games on his phone to get his mind off the earie-ness of the building and it's atmosphere. He didn't like the place, and felt like it was haunted. He could feel the presents of someone in this building. It felt almost as if there really was someone in the building. As Blake got more into his mobile game, the battery on the phone died. Lucky for him, he had his charger with him. Blake looked around for an outlet on a wall somewhere, and there was. As he plugged the charger in and plugged it into his phone, it didn't turn on. The place is a mess, broken, and has been worn down for years. Blake's boredom hits back at him and says, "sigh, a part of me wants to explore this place, but.... a part of me knows something's not right..." As Blake grabbed the flashlight from his back pocket, he could hear twisting and turning of gears echoing throughout the building. Blake walked over to investigate to see that it was only an old music box playing a creepy tune. Blake then says, "haha, very funny guys. Leaving me alone with creepy tunes." A robotic hand then grabs Blake's leg, Blake falls over only to see Bonnie grab his leg. Blake then uses the flashlight to smash Bonnie's hand off of his leg. Blake tries to run towards the office, but as he turns the corner, KittyFazcat turns around to look at him and chase towards him. Blake is surrounded by 2 animatronics, and there were only 2 ways to get out. Blake then runs towards KittyFazcat while KittyFazcat is running towards him. As KittyFazcat leaps to grab Blake, Blake slides underneath on the ground to escape. As Blake is running towards the office, he activates the wall to close Bonnie and Kitty out. The wall is like an invisible forcefeild, but it codes in their systems that the animatronic is not alowed to go in that area. As Blake got back into the office, he sat down on the office chair and was ready for the night to be over with. The night has turned to day, Wilson and Chun came back only to see Blake asleep on the office chair. Wilson splashed a water bottle on his face and said, "Hey man, wake up. You alright there dude?" Blake said, "Ugh, yeah. Last night was the worst. Bonnie and KittyFazcat started chasing me and--wait.. was I dreaming?" Chun laughed and said, "Dude, the rumors have probably gotten to your head and you probably started dreaming about it." Blake looked at both Chun and Wilson in confusion. Wilson then said, "Oh dude! Great news! Back at Fredbear's Family Diner, we found Frankburt himself! This thing's a fucking legend! It's so vintage, old, and worn. Ugh, but smells like shit though. We haven't figured out why just yet, but when we do we're getting rid of that stench. We put him upstairs while you were asleep, along with Freddy, Foxy, and Chica that we also brought over this morning." Blake was really hoping that whatever happened last night was a dream. As hours past, the night dawned. Blake had to take the nightshift again, and wasn't prepared for anymore disturbance that was awaiting him. Blake then said, "Maybe they're right... maybe I was dreaming.... Maybe all this rumor crap is getting to my head causing me to have nightmares." As Blake was about to play more mobile games now that his phone was all charged up and the electricity was up and running, he heard piano noises from upstairs. Blake froze for a moment wondering what was causing piano noises. Blake then checked the camera feed and saw that Frankburt was not where he was originally at. For the longest time he was freaking out checking all the cameras to see that Frankburt was on his way downstairs to floor 1. The ghost child had returned to his eternal tomb and now he is free to move inside his tomb. He possessed the other animatronic suits to come towards Blake and they finally spoke at last. "Hello Blake... Help Me... Free Me..." Blake heard the cries of the ghost child all throughout the building. It wasn't a dream after all, the piano was playing, the cries were heard, the stomping of the animatronic feet were getting louder and louder. Blake felt trapped in his own hole of hell. He just wanted all of this to go away... So he opened his 2nd tablet and rebooted the doors, only to have full power on locking the doors. As he locked the doors, he felt safer.... until the lights went out. Blake could only hide, he hid behind the table of the office desk and heard voices. Frankburt was getting aggresive and you could hear the gargling voice of moist flesh and blood coming out of his mouth. Blake could only breathe silently while shaking waiting for the time to turn 6AM. Blake tried to stay as quiet as he could, until the 2nd tablet started beeping because of a system error. Frankburt and the others were on the far end of the hall, and Blake freaked out while rebooting the doors as quickly as he could. Right when Frankburt was about to come back into the office, Blake locked the invisible door. Blake sighed with relief, and sat back down on the chair. and it turned to 6AM. The next day, Chun and Wilson asked how the night was. Blake didn't say exactly what happened, and instead told them not much was going on. Blake didn't feel right lying to his best friends, but he had to do what was best for the situation. Wilson then said, "If not much was going on, then why do you seem so nervous? If there's anything you want to tell us, just let us know. I don't mind if you want to back down on this opportunity Blake." Blake then said, "No no, it's okay. I really want to help you guys out with this." Wilson and Chun started to worry about Blake. Days have past, and it was the final day. The nightshifts grew more and more harder for Blake, especially with Vigo around. He was bought from a gift shop and yet he's also like them. Blake questioned why they were asking him for help, why him? After the last night was over, it was time for giving Fazbear Fantasy Land a test run. Blake didn't feel right about opening the resteraunt after all that has happened for the past several nights. But a few hours after the opening, Frankburt hugs 6 kids to death. The ghost child only wanted to feel love and affection again. But instead he only killed 6 innocent children. What had happened was all over the news, headlines, and media. The Fazbear Establishments were a laughing stock ever since that day. The government shut down every single resteraunt that had animatronics in it to prevent anymore displeasing events like Fazbear Fantasy Land's. They then had Fazbear Fantasy Land demolished with the animatronics in it as well. As the walls tumbled to the ground, it smashed and broke most of the animatronics, and even Frankburt. When Frankburt's body was smashed, it had finally freed the ghost child's soul. It rose up to a better place along with 6 more souls that were laid to rest. But the prophecy was still going and will not stop, Alison wasn't dead yet.

Chapter 9

15 years later.... It was August 8th 2030. Blake, Chun, and Wilson were all grown up. They had been room-mates for quite a long time and still to that day along with a new room-mate named John that became close friends with the 3 guys for the past 6 years. Wilson wanted to do something good in life, and still felt bitter about them shutting down Fazbear Fantasy Land 15 years ago. He then told the 3 other guys that he wanted to give this children's entertainment thing one last shot. Chun was worried and said, "But Wilson, don't you remember what happened? What if it happens again? What if one of us are next?" Wilson said, "Don't worry, I have high hopes that this will go well. Who wants to help?" Chun, looked around in concern, then put his hand in the circle. "I'm in." says Chun. He then says, "Blake? What about you?" Blake remembered what had happened those years as a teenager, but he couldn't let down his best friends. As Blake put his hands in the center, the 3 looked towards John. "You want to join us for a first John?" says Blake. John replied, "Hell yeah, count me in. This'll be new to me, so yeah." Blake, Chun, and Wilson remembered as kids that their was a very first Freddy Fazbear's Pizza resteraunt that held the TV show Captain Frankburt and his scurby crew. As they drove up to the location that almost nobody remembers, they checked to see if the building was still there, and it was. There it was, the building that started the Freddy Fazbear Pizza locations. The walls were still stone tiles as always. The floor was paved in marvel tiles, but had a lot of old black smudges everywhere assuming that the place was rotting. There were old vintage arcade machines, abandoned parts scattered everywhere, these were parts used for TV showbiz. This whole building was a TV Studio for Fazbear INC. There were even party tables here already set for special events back in the day. Wilson then looked to Blake and asked, "You wanna take the nightshift again while we contact Fazbear INC. and City Hall to settle something out with the government? Blake couldn't help but to nod, he fairly enjoyed savoring his childhood. Wilson then said, "Alright guys, Blake is spending the night here to watch over the place. Chun, John, you guys are with me. We're going to take back what was ours for the sake of the children." As hours went by, Blake was expecting a phone call from Wilson and the guys soon. 2 more hours went by and the phone finally had rang. Blake picked up the phone and said, "Hey Wilson, how are things going with settling things with the government?" Wilson responded with, "Eh, could say I have never imagined it to be this complica---wait, hah! never mind. We just settled things out, they said they'll release the notice one last time. If we fuck up, gameover." Blake then said, "Alright, that's understandable. I'll see ya then" Wilson said, "You too--oh! By the way, names... what should we name this location? I want you to choose this time." Blake smiled and replied with, "Hmmm... How about FreddyFazzyFuntime?" Wilson replied with, "Sounds funky and crazy, I love it! We'll see ya soon and keep ya updated Blake!" Blake replied, "Alright i'll talk to you later". Then he hung the call up. Moments later the TV Showbiz Frankburt awoken due to the door sensor from hours ago due to Blake, Wilson, Chun, and John going past it. It took time for the sensor to kick in their systems due to how old the TV Showbiz animatronics are. All Blake could hear is, "Howdy F-F-F-Folks!" It sounded glitchy to Blake, and Blake got out of the one hallway office to check it out. Maybe it was the Frankburt he had seen on the TV as a kid. Blake then saw across from him the same exact Frankburt that was on the TV show. It was limping due to how old it was getting. Blake was amazed, yet creeped out by it having it's own "Showbiz AI Mindset" as it was rumored as a kid. Since it was so old Blake was worried that it's system could malfunction and possibly become hostile towards people. Blake was soon to realize his theory on what he'd just said was true. The Showbiz KittyFazcat awoken from it's decades of system shutdown, and ran across the hall to surprise the kids. But there weren't any kids, her system makes her say "Let's surprise the kids!" But instead, it glitched to "Let's sur-k-k-KILL the kids!" Blake heard what she had said, and shit was about to get real for him all over again like his teenage years. There was a strange emergency steam exhaust pipe to his right, and a power generator to his left along with a holographic remote control for the camera feed on the TV mounted on the wall. He checked the cams and saw a storage arcade room with boxes that say "Gilbert Facility" on them. Out of the room ran Fairytale Sally and Fairytale Koly. As they ran towards the office, Blake pulled the lever to activate the steam exhaust to fry their sercuits. Blake then said, "How'd you like that asshole?" As the steam exhaust bursted on Koly, it reset his system bringing them back to Act I of their behavior as if you were re-winding a TV Show. Blake was really hoping for the day to be over, and his wish was granted by it turning to 6AM. All of the animatronics shut down, bringing them all back to Act I. Blake found that interesting, but the experience was aweful. It was worth every day for his best friends though. A few days have past, and Blake was getting the hang of their behavior and he even had a stradegy of his own to prevent them from ever getting to him. Blake stopped for a moment to hear his phone ringing in his pocket. Blake answered the phone hearing Wilson's voice. "Hey Blake! Oh my god, you are not gonna believe this! We found the Golden Frankburt suit in the hidden bunker back in the rubble of Fazbear Fantasy Land. I mean, it has red stains here and there, but I wouldn't worry about it. We're bringing it over tomorrow morning. Oh one more thing, did you know that Fazbear Fantasy Land was originally GoldieParaDiner then re-used as Frankburt's Pizza? It's pretty cool huh?" Blake then said, "Heh, yeah... More trouble coming my way I guess." Wilson said, "Wait what?" "Oh nothing! heh! Don't worry about it Wilson, I got everything under control." Wilson then said, "Oh, alright. See you around man, and please be careful." Another day past, and it was nothing new to Blake. It felt like he wasn't making himself happy and kept on pleasing others. Blake thought, "Maybe I shouldn't have done this for Wilson. He's a good friend, but i'm torturing myself." Blake then heard something he had never heard before in his life. He heard a man screaming in the building, Blake was very confused and thought there was somebody else in the building with him. Blake took out his flashlight to investigate the comotion. The man in the distance started growling and screaming some more. Blake heard clanking of metal and screeching metal. As Blake walked down the hall, he saw nothing. It was quiet.... Really quiet.... Blake then turned around to go back to the Office. As Blake sat back down on the chair, he heard the noise again. Only this time, it was louder and more aggresive. The man said, "Where the FUCK are you...?" Blake assumed the man was drunk until he past the hall and Blake saw the Golden Frankburt standing with drenched blood, organs, broken and rotted peices everywhere, it smelled REALLY bad to the point Blake wanted to throw up. The Golden Frankburt then yelled, "THERE YOU ARE HAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!". He sounded like an insane Jester out for a killing spree, and it was. Blake was trapped, cornered in the office. The Golden Frankburt then jumped towards Blake with the Golden KittyFazcat suit, grabbed Blake's body, and shoved every bit of his body inside. The Golden Frankburt then activated the Torture Device mechanism and the needles from head to toe activated, it drained every bit of blood and organs inside out using it as fuel for new life. The Golden Lockjaw, Gron, then said with a graspy growly voice, "Wait.. you're not Alison... Ah fuck me.... I guess another murder is on my accident checklist, wait... I know where that motherfucker is." As Gron in the Golden Frankburt suit ran out the building, he ran towards Fazbear INC. to where nobody has ever seen him again. The suit was gone for good, lost in Fazbear INC. Blake was dead in the Golden KittyFazcat suit. When it turned to day, Wilson, Chun, and John came back to see something they never wanted nor expected to see... Blake was dead, the Golden Frankburt suit was gone, and never to be seen, and it smelled like thousands of rats died in the place. Wilson and the others could do nothing but go up to the dead remains of Blake and cry. 911 was called, and the investigation was put to play. One investigator named Carson, the young boy of Gron's youngest son's son, came up to Wilson and the 2 other guys saying, "I'm so sorry for your loss... I'll do everything I can to solve this case no matter the cost. This is nothing we'd ever seen before. So many of these deaths are linked to Fazbear INC. and rumors have been lingering about those who get a job at Fazbear INC. never return." It was the year of 2035, and the Investigator was on his way to a rip-off location called FRANKBURTS which was a secret criminal institution disguised itself as a children's resteraunt for laying low. But that didn't stop The Investigator, Carson. He went up to the building with his gun to shoot the criminal gang down that was linked to Fazbear INC. to end it all for good...