The Return to Freddy's: Frankburt's
TRTF Frankburt's Logo 1
Platform(s) Windows
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Developer BFPFilms and Bioninjagames
Release Date(s) 2017
Download(s) TBD

The Return to Freddy's: Frankburt's was a proposed sit and survive game for The Return to Freddy's Volume 2 (Other games contained in Volume 2 included The Return to Freddy's 5 and _RADSLA_) by BFPFilms424/Tyler, before it's cancellation.


The game was planned to be released on August 2017, but it was delayed after Feline Animations took the ownerships. Later, Toonster got the rights and gave the ownership to ShaneTheBarberian. Later, the game was permanently cancelled.


In the year 2016, BFPFilms announced the game on his old twitter a while back when The Return to Freddy's 5 was still being made in a cryptic code. It was then translated into scrambled letters and eventually revealed to be the name Frankburt. Later, he uploaded a teaser of an early Kitty FazCat endoskeleton, people though this teaser for TRTF5, but Bioninjagames revealed that this teaser was for a new game that him and Tyler were working on. BFP later started to show the models for the game, and announced that this game was gonna be a spin-off of the series. This was later changed, and it became a game that was connected with the lore. When Feline Animations took ownership, he had plans to revive it, but when he left the team and ToonsterGames became the new owner of TRTF, he gave the ownership to ShaneTheBarberian. It is unknown if Bioninja had plans to revive it.

Known Characters




  • The Return to Freddy's: Frankburt's was revealed to be the second part of The Final Chapter in TRTF with The Return to Freddy's 5 being the first part.
  • It was believed that the game was going to be based off the "Adult Theory", a Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location theory that relates to a strip club-like establishment.


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