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The Return to Freddy's: Chapter One
Platform(s) Windows
Engine Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Developer BFPFilms424/Tyler
Release Date(s) TBA
Download(s) TBA

The Return to Freddy's: Chapter One is the newest upcoming installment of the TRTF SAGA, it is being developed by returning game dev, Tyler Ahlstrom. It is currently unknown where it stands in the timeline of the TRTF SAGA. As confirmed by the QNA video, the new game will be a reboot of the TRTF Saga.


The plot for the game is currently unknown, but it is heavily speculated that it takes place in around 1996, at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza or in a completely new location called "FREDDY'S EMPORIUM", There was a event mentioned called the 'Incident of '96', but not much is known, except it involves the "Spiraled Animatronics", whose endoskeletons are currently inside the animatronics present in this game.

Game Information

Almost no information about the gameplay is currently known, but it appears to be some form of free-roam, as there are several locations shown that the player can be in. An AC unit is mentioned in the text of one of the teasers, which moves around the building and can be adjusted. BFP said in the TRTF QnA Video, that the game will be nearly as big as Amnesia, hinting that the game will be much larger than any of the previous TRTF Games.





  • This is the first game in the TRTF Saga where the animatronics can actually talk.
    • This stemmed from a cut idea from TRTF3, that was then moved to TRTF 4, then TRTF5.
  • Sigrid Rodriguez, the music composer for TRTF 2 thru TRTF5, will return to make music for the game.
  • The trailer was planned to come out on November 15. However, computer errors pushed that back to an unspecified date.
  • It is heavily theorized by a lot of fans that the game takes place in 1996, since BFP said "I will never forget the incident of 96" in the comments of a forum talking about the game.
  • As confirmed by this tweet, the new installment is actually going to run on this upcoming closed game launcher called "OMEGA LAUNCHER" made by Twitter User, Jacob Rotundo.
  • As stated in the TRTF QnA Video, BFP expects the game to come out in March or April 2018.
  • A kid's drawing of The Puppet can be seen in the beggining of the QnA Video (where Freddy is rapidly twitching), with the text "FREDDY'S EMPORIUM" below it, heavily hinting that the game will take place in said location.


Behind the Scenes