The Office is the place where Blake resides in in The Return to Freddy's 3. All animatronics can go through here.


The Office bears an appearance to the other areas within the building. There are two hallways, with the left one having the head of Sugar sit alone. Wires hang from the ceiling and posters and children's drawings are scattered throughout the room. The floor lacks the red and black tile pattern of the rest of the building, having a beige color. Televisions with green screens are seen in here. The desk is reflective, with a Freddy Fazbear head sitting on the desk alongside a fan and Kitty FazCat figurine.


  • The Freddy head's nose can be honked.
  • Clicking on the Kitty figurine a couple of times takes the player to the "Kitty Corner" minigame.
  • The Lockjaw poster can change into a Shadow Lockjaw poster on Night 5. Clicking on Shadow Lockjaw's eyes takes the player to the "He Has Been Here The Whole Time" minigame.
  • Clicking on the Golden Freddy drawing a few times takes the player to the "A Past To Remember" minigame.
  • Clicking on one of the televisions a few times takes the player to the "Vigo's Joyful Day" minigame.

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