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creations meant for good can be taken by the wrong hands...
— TRTF Vol. 2 Soundtrack video

The Machine is the static machine body of Gilbert that resides in Fazbear Inc. in The Return to Freddy's 5. It is the creator of the Animatronics and the Torture suits.


The Machine is gray in color, and slightly resembles a bucket. It gets coated with blood after it begins creating the Torture Animatronics.


In 1985, The Machine appears in normal condition, and it created animatronics: Golden Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Sugar, Kitty Fazcat, Golden Lockjaw, Lockjaw, Spring Bonnie, The Puppet, Sally, Koly, and more.

But soon enough two people, Green Guy and Purple Guy, decided to sabotage the machine, and in 2024, The Machine started to create the Torture Animatronics.


The behavior of The Machine is unknown, and it might not have an affect on the gameplay.


  • Some believe that Torture Device is attached to the Machine.
  • Oddly, since the change from Hybrid Animatronics to Torture Animatronics, The Machine has not been seen.
  • The Machine is Maybe a Reference to Pink Floyd's Song Called "Welcome To The Machine".

In The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth, the true purpose of The Machine is revealed. The Machine is the energy source that powers the "Save The Kids Project".

Gilbert the owner of the Gilbert Facility, had his soul transferred into The Machine in order to generate the power necessary to fight the virus. When Gron and Vincent sabotage The Machine, it seems to stop, when in reality they corrupted the AI of it. It is also revealed to be on Floor 11.

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