Story Mode
Gamemode for The Return to Freddy's 5
Main changes Gameplay and Atmosphere

Story Mode is the main mode of The Return to Freddy's 5.

Game Info

Unlike the previous games of the saga, Story Mode has a different point and click system, instead of a sit-survive game, it's a free roam mode. The player can roam in Fazbear Inc., find items, use them, play the minigames by accessing them, and get the endings. The player also needs to survive from the Torture suits, by hiding in spots, hiding, escaping from them, or point the flashlight at them, depending in which floor you are.

This mode has 9 endings, which can be seen depending of the decisions of the player.

Known Characters

Torture suits

Known Non-Animatronic Characters


  • Story Mode was the only mode that wasn't scrapped during game development.
  • According to BFPFilms424/Tyler, this mode along with its minigames and endings, represent various tragic events of his life or his current mental state condition.

The Title Screen theme.

Story mode

The Title Screen theme after getting the first and true ending.


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