The Signal Panel is a vital game mechanic in TRTF 3


The Signal Panel has the exact same appearance as the Maintenance Panel from FNAF 3

Maintenance Flip


The Signal Panel has 4 functions for the player to use. 2 of them are actual functions, the other 2 power other functions in the building, and must be fixed if they go offline.

View Animatronic

This function lets you view a camera inside of Lockjaw when he's active. On Night 1, the camera only shows an alternate view of CAM 07.

Light System

This is one of the systems you must repair. If this goes out, the lights in The Office will flicker. This will cause the player to breathe heavily, and the animatronics will move more rapidly.

Door Lock System

This is the other system you must repair. After a few seconds of a door being closed, this system will break, disabling all doors in the building. If this system breaks, you will be defenseless against Lockjaw, Freddy, Bonnie, and Kitty.

Corrupt Signal

Shortened for Corrupted Signal, the player must use this function to ward off Chica, Foxy, or Vigo if any of them show up outside your hallway. 

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