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Shadow Lockjaw is an easter egg/hallucination that appears in The Return to Freddy's. It represents Lockjaw in the classic game.


Shadow Lockjaw appears to be identical to the Puppet but completely black and wears a fedora, similar to its original counterpart.


Even though Shadow Lockjaw never appears in the main gameplay (unlike its later appearences), it still does make a few minor cameos. Shadow Lockjaw first appears in the Night 4 cutscene, standing and staring at what is presumed to be one of the security guards. In a "Take the Cake to the Children"-like mingame, in which the player controls Sugar. At the end of the minigame, Shadow Lockjaw will jumpscare the player, then ending the minigame.


  • Shadow Lockjaw's jumpscare is just a simple edit of The Puppet's jumpscare from Five Nights at Freddy 2.
  • Before its name was confirmed, many fans thought its name was the "Shadow Puppet".

Shadow Lockjaw returns as a minor antagonist and a rare hallucination in The Return to Freddy's 2. In the custom night he is referred to as ".......", suggesting that the game's creator wants to keep the name as a secret.


Shadow Lockjaw's appearance is similar to Lockjaw's appearance in The Return to Freddy's 3, only its entire body is shadowy and unwithered. Its eyes are black with white dots. It has a shiny black color, giving it a resemblance to an endoskeleton.


Shadow Lockjaw will start to appear on Nights 5 and onwards. It will randomly appear in the player's office. Shadow Lockjaw doesn't appear to be able to do much, other than just standing there (much like Shadow Bonnie) but if it isn't defended off in time it will crash the game.

Shadow Lockjaw's face will also randomly flash (along with Lockjaw's), with the text "IT'S ME" around it. Moments later, the hallucination will disappear, and a scream will play as it leaves. If the player wears the Freddy Mask, it will disappear and the scream will not play.

Shadow Lockjaw is incapable of killing the player (other than crashing the game), however, it can be distracting, and when in the player's face, it obstructs your vision.


  • Shadow Lockjaw is the only character who does not have a jumpscare in the second game, but it can still emit the scream and crash the game.
  • Back when TRTF 2 first came out, many TRTF fans thought its name was "Shadow Golden Lockjaw" (and occasionally just "LEGEND"), this info was falsely given out by one of BFP's friends, The Other Toy Freddy and has been proven false since.
  • It is in the custom night setting "Legend" set to 20, along with Golden Freddy, who is set to 15.
  • Before its name was revealed, fans called it as the "Legend".
  • It seems to have a bigger role in the game than the other Hallucinations do in the other games of the TRTF Volume 1, as it is even on Custom Night.

Shadow Lockjaw is a hallucination and a shadow version of Lockjaw in The Return to Freddy's 3.


Shadow Lockjaw is a pitch black version of Lockjaw with glowing white eyes and pupils. He also appears to have glowing white teeth and multiple wires hanging out of its body.


It appears very rarely at any night. If the player stares at it for too long,the game will crash. To prevent the game from crashing, quickly bring up the monitor or the maintenance panel. That way, it'll leave the office. Sometimes it will return the game to the title screen. Shadow Lockjaw also appears in a minigame if you click on its poster, which appears on Night 5.


  • Shadow Lockjaw was believed to be an animatronic representation of the Lockjaw child.
    • This was later confirmed by BFPFilms424 to be untrue when he was asked about it on the TRTF Wikia Discord.
  • Shadow Lockjaw might not be a hallucination.
  • When BFPFilms was asked about if Shadow Lockjaw still remains being canon to the TRTF Lore, he replied that it does "partially".

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The Screech emitted by Shadow Lockjaw when its hallucination ends WARNING: LOUD!
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