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''As the other scientists left the building, Loyd's nightshift had started.''

The scientists are technologists who worked at the Gilbert Facility, and were characters planned to appear in _RADSLA_. Each one had a different role in the game, as well as different personalities.

Chai Tun

Chai Tun was planned to be an helper in _RADSLA_. He was going to tell Loyd what to do in case of any harm.


He tells Loyd to take a few mechanical equipments they had in store for protection against any harm that might come to him, such as a body armor that was mechanically used as an intercom, a adreniline decreaser incase his heart-rate get's too high, and a mechanical toxic gas mask. He guides Loyd through the computer system above the office used to block hacks against annonymous hackers that might be using their tech to their advantage. He also gaves him very vidal instructions on what commands to use in the system incase the animatronics were hacked.


The 3 patients would never do anything to harm anyone, they're good kids. But these hacks can still happen regardless of what we do, and you need to be prepared for these things when it does happen, which I hope dearly that it doesn't....

This Loyd, is your office. Well, the only office we have. It's a travel pod, almost like an elevator, only it doesn't travel up and down. It travels in a funnel pipe and goes to several different locations whether the elevator goes up, down, left, right, or even upside down. Stay in your seat and buckle up when traveling to the 2 other floors at all times to prevent any injuries. Everything in this office is pretty much drilled in place so that the fan doesn't come flying right at you and cause potential damage. We'll give you a call every now and then to check up on you to be sure that you're alright. Sometimes we may not call since we'd most likely be off duty and asleep. Please stay safe Loyd, and maintain everything while we're gone. We're depending on you.

Dr. Takaliken

Dr. Takaliken is an scientist planned for _RADSLA_. He is an insane scientist, that doesn't know if whether he's good or evil. It is unknown what role he had on the gameplay.


He has white skin, with blond disheveled hair. He wears safety science goggles, a scientific suit, green gloves and black shoes.


  • He might have been one of the scientist that created DO NOT ACCESS.
  • He was a character originally from Mad Mind, and was moved to Tycrazmania.

Prof. Steve

Prof. Steve is an scientist planned for _RADSLA_. He is a half-human, half-bunny being, due to an accidental experiment caused by himself, he is mentally retarded and fills with rage when eager to accomplish something. It is unknown what role he had on the gameplay.


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