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Popper Ping was an antagonist in The Return to Freddy's 5, before being removed from the game, due to fear of hitting Clickteam's RAM limit, as well as him being unimportant to the lore.


Popper Ping is a Torture suit that resembles a human. He has yellow/gold "clothes". He looks similar to Torture Lockjaw because of the way he is withered as well as his head shape. He has spiky hair instead of a fedora, however. Several wires can be seen poking out of him. He appears to wear overalls. His head suspiciously resembles a human skull. He is eyeless in his first teaser, but has eyes in the Thank You! image.


  • Popper Ping is the second character to be cut from a TRTF game, the first was Springtrap in The Return to Freddy's 2. He was followed by Torture Tealer and Torture Ripdoll.
  • According to the user RoxasXIIIkeys, someone on a Livestream asked about Popper Ping and BFPFilms answered that it was an inside joke where he was talking to Ping and they did this joke saying "Papa Ping" but it suddenly sounded like Popper Ping and they decided to make it an actual animatronic that looked like an old man with overalls.
  • Popper Ping's name was revealed by his filename on BFPFilms424/Tyler's site.