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Welcome to your new and exciting career! In The Return To Freddy's 2, you are taking the night shift with Freddy and his friends with some new characters. They have just moved in a music box to replace an old worn down gift giving animatronic to keep the kids happy. What could go wrong? As the security guard working nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make sure nothing goes wrong after-hours. You are the first guard to work at this location. So to make your job easier, you've been provided with your very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, but during development of the building, some dust and other toxic things might have gotten in there. So don't wear it for too long.


A new entertainment is close to opening it's doors and reveal the legend from the past. They only have a few more things to salvage before it officially opens. The new entertainment is to be called Fazbear Fantasy Land.


15 years after Fazbear Fantasy Land has been demolished, the government has come to a decision to make animatronics legal again. What they don't realize is the terrible mistake they just made...

Missing Children Incident

The Missing Children Incident was a event that happened in GoldieParaDiner. Four children went missing There and died in the building in the hands of Vincent.

The Golden Frankburt Incident

The Golden Frankburt Incident was a event that accorued in GoldieParaDiner. After Gron lost his wife and one of his sons, he went to G.P.D to work. After a while, he started seeing his younger self, who guided him to hidden bunker where the Golden Frankburt suit and Golden Kitty suit where kept. Gron's younger self grabed two hooks and nailed them in the hands, after this Gron walked up to the Golden Frankburt suit, and put it on. He then pushed the deploy button, and was crushed inside the suit.


You're an investigator, it's year 2036. Everyone, but you stepped down on a cold case of the mysteries and murders of Fazbear Inc. You... are alive... You... are the child from the past....


It was the year of 2035, and the investigator was on his way to a rip-off location called Frankburt's, which was a secret criminal institution disguised itself as a children's restaurant for laying low. But that didn't stop the investigator, Carson. He went up to the building with his gun to shoot the criminal gang down that was linked to Fazbear Inc., to end it all for good...

Save the Kids Project

The Save the Kids Project was a secret project held in the Gilbert Facility. In Japan, there was a severe super cancer that was contagious, that didn't have a cure. However, on May of 1942, they had the idea of transferring one's soul from one body, to an object or mechanism of any kind of their choosing. So they labeled it as the "Save The Kids Project" which was made to allow immortallity from a dangerous super cancer. The Patients 20, 48 and 63, were were sent to the testing chamber where the soul transfer would be in persuit. They were strapped onto the hospital bed for safety precautions, and were knocked out with a shot so that they wouldn't feel anything during the process. As they put the metal soul extractor tube on all 3 of their hearts and brains, the energy from their body began to drain as the soul began it's transfer. Their heart-rate began to drop fast and went straight onto a flat-line. Right when the scientists thought the test was unsuccessful, the robots began to awaken and talk. The test was successful, and the 3 patients have been saved from the super cancer, having Patient 20 put in Fairytale TyPatient 48 put in Fairytale Koly, and Patient 63 put in Fairytale Sally.

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