Patient 20, Patient 48 and Patient 63 are characters in _RADSLA_ and The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth. Their souls were transfered to Fairytale Ty, Fairytale Koly and Fairytale Sally respectively.


In the Gilbert Facility, there was a project called "Save The Kids Project", a secret project that was meant to save people from a severe super cancer that was contagious and didn't have cure. They transfered one's soul from one body, to an object or mechanism of any kind of their choosing. So The 3 patients were sent to the testing chamber where the soul transfer would be in persuit. They were strapped onto the hospital bed for saftey percautions, and were knocked out with a shot so that they wouldn't feel anything during the process. As they put the metal soul extractor tube on all 3 of their hearts and brains, the energy from their body began to drain as the soul began it's transfer. Their heart-rate began to drop fast and went straight onto a flatline. Right when the scientists thought the test was unsuccessful, the robots began to awaken and talk. The test was successful, and the 3 patients have been saved from the super cancer, having Patient 20 put in Fairytale Ty, Patient 48 put in Fairytale Koly, and Patient 63 put in Fairytale Sally.


  • Their code numbers, together, spell out 2-0-4-8-6-3, a reference to P.T.
  • Patient 20 may represent BFPFilms424/Tyler, as he possessed Fairytale Ty, BFP's new OC.