The Parts & Service room (also known as the Backstage) is a location in the classic The Return to Freddy's.


The Parts/Service room is a small room located to the left of the Show Stage, used to store spare animatronic parts. The room consists of a checkered, white-and-black tiled floor and a small table, on which sits an endoskeleton and an extra Bonnie head.

To the back and left of the room sits a shelf, holding three spare Bonnie heads, two of Chica's, and three of Freddy Fazbear's. An open door can be seen on the right wall, with a sign that says "EMPLOYEES ONLY" above it. Wires hang loosely from the ceiling to the right of the camera.

The Parts/Service is a location in The Return to Freddy's 2 within Fredbear's Family Diner, it is also the starting location of Sugar.


Unlike most of the other rooms seen throughout Fredbear's, the Parts/Services room appears to be really empty. Lots of long grey wires can be seen hanging across the room, the room also appears to be noticeably a lot darker than the others seen throughout the game.

The room also has a shiny black and white checkered floor, a black and white checkered stripe, with red bars surrounding it can also be seen going across the back wall of the room.

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