The Parts/Service room (also known as the Backstage) is a location in the classic The Return to Freddy's.


The Parts/Service room is a small room located to the left of the Show Stage, used to store spare animatronic parts. The room consists of a checkered, white-and-black tiled floor and a small table, on which sits an endoskeleton and an extra Bonnie head.

To the back and left of the room sits a shelf, holding three spare Bonnie heads, two of Chica's, and three of Freddy Fazbear's. An open door can be seen on the right wall, with a sign that says "EMPLOYEES ONLY" above it. Wires hang loosely from the ceiling to the right of the camera.

The Parts/Service room is a location in The Return to Freddy's 2 within Fredbear's Family Diner. It is the starting location of Sugar the Cat, and was planned to be the starting location of Lockjaw and Nightmare Lockjaw in the Major Updates.


Unlike most of the other rooms seen throughout Fredbear's, the Parts/Services room appears to be really empty. Lots of long grey wires can be seen hanging across the room, the room also appears to be noticeably a lot darker than the others seen throughout the game.

The room also has a shiny black and white checkered floor, a black and white checkered stripe, with red bars surrounding it can also be seen going across the back wall of the room.


  • Lockjaw can rarely appear in the Parts/Service room replacing Sugar's spot as a rare Easter Egg, in a similar fashion to Purple Freddy from FNAF2.

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