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Nanori is one of the developers for TRTF 5. He has a decent bit of history related with fangames, working on some partially high quality related fangames, including a decent majority of the story in Elevate and some unique ideas for TRTF 5. Along with slowing learning other categories of game design including modelling and rigging though he primarily focuses on animation.


Games Created

  • Night Shift at Gray Co. (On extended hiatus)
  • Five Nights in Storage (Cancelled)
  • >elevate
  • FNaF2: Reimagined


  • He has knowledge on porting models over to Valve's SFM, which he has planned to possibly port TRTF5 models after the games completion.
  • Despite being an editor for the project, he's only been using Photoshop for a near month.

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