The Missing children are minor characters that appeared in the minigames of The Return to Freddy's 3.


The missing children almost share the same appearance, with brown hair, dark blue jeans and gray shoes. The only differences between them, are ther haircut, their eye color and shirt color.


They only appear in the minigame Happiest moment of my life along with the Kitty FazCat child and a few other ghost childs, waiting for the Lockjaw child to come. After he comes, their animatronic masks will fall and their souls will be realesed.


  • In the minigame Happiest moment of my life, there appears to be an Golden Freddy child.
    • However, this child could have been just an reference to Redessence, an ex developer of both Sabani Games and TRTF3-TRTF5.

The Missing children re-appear The Return to Freddy's 4, and are seen in the minigames after the nights.


Unlike in the last game, the missing children now don't have hair, nor an unique eye color for each chld. However, they still remain the unique shirt color, as well as the same skin color, the same pants, and the same shoes.


They appear in the game in minigames after nights 1-4. There we play as Vincent and need to approach them one at a minigame. Vincent will kill them.

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