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The minigames are a recurrent game mechanic in The Return to Freddy's series, to explain the story of the game.

The minigames or "Death Minigames" are first introduced in The Return to Freddy's Classic. They are activated upon death. Another way to access them is through Custom Night number sequences. There are 4 minigames in total, all can be activated through death and custom night codes.

2/6/16/0/0/0/0- you play as BFP in a room with prize box. When approaching it, we can see the reading saying "I AM SORRY". The minigame ends with The Puppet's jumpscare.

2/4/0/1/0/0- you play as Freddy and pursue Golden Freddy. Puppet approaches us on the way and the game crashes.

8/5/12/16/13/5/0- you play as Fritz Smith in unknown location. You need to find Golden Freddy suit. You approach him, his eyes start glowing. Game ends with Golden Freddy jumpscare.

1/9/8/7/0/0/0- you play as Golden Freddy in an unknown location. You need to find a room with four children and guard. When you approach them it is revealed that Fritz Smith is inside the suit. The writing saying "It's me" will appear and the minigame ends with Golden Freddy jumpscare.

Minigames return in The Return to Freddy's 2 These are once again activated with the player's death.

BFP minigame- you play as BFP in a room with six kids. When they become angry, you need to approach them so they become happy again. After a while, minigame ends.

Springtrap minigame- You play as Springtrap in unknown location. There are 6 children around you and you need to give cakes to them. There is BFP crying outside. Violet car with Fritz Smith approaches, he comes out, approaches child and the child disappears. Minigame ends.

Follow Puppet minigame- you play as Freddy and follow Puppet in unknown location. While following him, you can see dead children, find Golden Freddy who will disappear when you approach him, and Springtrap in one of the rooms. When you touch dead child in prize box room, minigame ends.

Follow Golden Freddy minigame- it is the same as previous minigame, but you play as BFP and follow Golden Freddy.

Scott Cawthon minigame-you play as Scott Cawthon in an unknown location. You are in the room and you can see BFP crying. You need to approach the child and the minigame will end.

Shadow Lockjaw minigame- you play as Shadow Lockjaw in a room with four children and Springtrap. You need to go to another room with 3 children and BFP. When you approach BFP, the minigame ends.

Office minigame- you play either as Freddy or BFP in a room looking like an office. You are stuck in there and cannot complete the minigame. This minigame was probably unfinished.

Minigames come back once again in The Return to Freddy's 3, but this time they are quite different and triggered by the player's actions and not due to it's death.

Night minigames

These minigames are triggered by winning a night. There is one for every night but Night 4.

All these minigames take place in Fredbear's Family Diner

  • Night 2 minigame: This time you need to find the room with Foxy and approach him. He will also have glowing eyes.
  • Night 5 minigame: You play as Vincent and need to find a room with Lockjaw and Sugar suits, as well as BFP. You will need to aproach the child and he will run around the room and hide in the Lockjaw suit. He is crying, while the springlocks fail due to the tears, and the child dies inside of the suit.
  • Night 8 minigame: Repeats the night 5 minigame, with a difference of that we play as Shadow Lockjaw again. In the room with the BFP it is very dark comparing to night 5 minigame.

Extra minigames

These minigames are triggered in special ways, and are key to getting the good ending.

I AM HIM/Backstory

The player can access this minigame by the same way as Night 8 in FNaF 2. When under load game you will see "I AM HIM" instead of night number.

In the minigame there is one room that on the reads "Backstory" above it. We are playing as BFPFilms424. In the room there are some tables, i one of them there is a computer. There is no way to complete this minigame apart from exiting through the door at the left.

Kitty Corner

For triggering this minigame, you need to click on the Kitty FazCat plush in the office.

In the minigame you play as Kitty FazCat and there are 4 children in the room. To complete this minigame, you need to grab her microphone and jump out to the left. You will get into black and white room with four dead children in there. To finish the minigame, you need to approach first dead child.

He Has Been Here The Whole Time

To trigger this minigame you needs to click Shadow Lockjaw poster in the office.

You play as Shadow Lockjaw, who can fly around rooms from other minigames. From here there are two ways of winning the minigame:

  • 1- You need to find BFP, who appears in a gray zone outside of a square, and approach him by getting outside of the square to end the minigame.
  • 2- In the first room you can find a secret zone by moving to the upper left corner. You will be in a room with Vincent and Lockjaw with BFP inside. A big writing saying "HELP ME" is on the wall. After touching Lockjaw, the minigame will end.

A Past To Remember

To trigger the minigame you need to find a drawing of a child and Golden Freddy, then click on his head.

You will play as BFP being entertained with some other children by Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie and Chica. You need to go behind the show satge and entering a room wher you can find Golden Freddy.

  • 1- Approaching him, resulting into the minigame's end.
  • 2- Instead of approaching to Golden Freddy, jump at the right wall, and you'll get to secret zone. You can see Vincent with the head of Golden Freddy in hands, and a dead child. Vincent will run to you while you need to approach dead child. When you touch Vincent or the child, the minigame will end.

The Joy of Creation

To start the minigame "The Joy of Creation" press the keys "B" "F" and "P" at the same time on the keyboard.

You will be playing as BFP. You will start in a purple room with children being entertained by the Toy animatronics on stage. You will then head to the right and find The Puppet. From here there are two ways of winning the minigame:

  • 1- Just proceed to touch The Puppet, resulting into ending the minigame and the player will restart the last night that it was playing.
  • 2- Upon entering the room with The Puppet, touch one of the steps, you will be forced through it and fall into a room with Lockjaw. When touching him BFP will seemingly explode, and Lockjaw will glow yellow eyes, most likely meaning that the child went inside Lockjaw. You will then earn a Lockjaw plush.

Happiest Moment Of My Life

To get this minigame you need to open CAM 05 and click just above CAM 06 button. You will play as BFP and you need to go forward until you reach other children. When you come close, children put animatronic masks on themselves. BFP puts Puppet mask on himself. After that, children disappear and masks fall. Writing will appear saying "ALWAYS REMEMBER". This minigame needs to be completed to get good ending.


To gain this minigame you need to press F,B,P at the same time. In this minigame the player play as Vincent in Frankburt's pizza. You need to find a room with Lockjaw who is entertaining children. You need to approach BFP and then minigame will end.


To get the minigame dubbed "CD+" press C D and + (numpad) at the same time.

In the minigame you play as Gron, with either Lockjaw or Golden Lockjaw's parts on the ground, and his younger self hanging by a chain on the wall, as well as a door in the upper left. To beat the minigame click and drag the parts on the floor and make a staircase to the door. Upon winning the minigame, you will receive a Golden Lockjaw plush.

Vigo's Joyful Day

To trigger this minigame the player must rotate the view to the right side of the office and press the top green crate.

In this minigame you will be playing as Vigo in an unknown location. At first there will be four happy children, three on the right wearing red shirts and the fourth with a green shirt on the left. In the next room you will see the fourth child crying, with the other kids bullying the child. In the third room you will see Vincent staring at a dead child. No other children are in the fourth room.

The minigames make another return in The Return to Freddy's 4, this time these are triggered both by the player's death and winning the night.

Night minigames

Death minigames

Koly minigame- you play as Koly in unknown location. In the first room you see 3 children. In second room you can see 10 children including BFP and Kitty FazCat child. There is a door behind them. Touching it will end the minigame.

Kitty FazCat minigame-you play as Kitty FazCat in unknown location. There are 3 gift boxes behind and 3 happy children ahead. You approach them and give gift boxes to them. In the next room you see 6 dead children with Kitty FazCat child and BFP. Behind them there is a door. Approaching it will end minigame.

Lockjaw minigame- you play as Lockjaw in a room with 5 children. In next room you can see BFP and Kitty FazCat child and exit door. Touching it will end minigame.

Golden family minigame- You play as Golden Lockjaw in a room with Golden Freddy, Springtrap and two happy kids. In the second room you can see dead BFP and a door. Touching the door ends minigame.

The minigames were meant to return in The Return to Freddy's 5, with the player's death and unique forms of triggering.

Death minigames

Hiden Bunker

On this minigame you play as one of the Phone Buddies in the hidden bunker where Golden Lockjaw lies. When you reach to him, another Phone Buddy will come and after a few seconds, the minigame will end.

After BFP Death

On this minigame you play as the Kitty FazCat child in the Parts/Service room of Fredbear's Family Diner, where Vincent, Lockjaw and Sugar are seen. When you walk up to Vincent he will run away laughing, while the Kitty FazCat child shocks and cries realizing that her boyfriend died inside of him. After that, the minigame ends.

Phone Guy Death

On this minigame you play as the Kitty FazCat child again, you see Vincent on the phone. You walk up to him, then Kitty FazCat child will start stabing Vincent, then the minigame ends.

Father & Son

On this minigame you play as BFP. You have to walk up to Gron, after that, Bonnie, Chica, Freddy and everything else will have blood and parts. When your walk up to Lockjaw, then the minigame ends.

Happy Fun Times...

On this minigame you play as The Unknown/Torture Beast,you see three people crying and looking at you. When you walk up to the other side, you see Alison looking at Kitty FazCat child, while BFP is crying, if you go to the other side then back, you see Gron hugging BFP, if you touch them, the minigame ends.

December 23

On this minigame you play as Gron. You will need walk into the car where Lynda,Charles and Jackson are waiting. When you get into the car and start it up,Alison will come in his car crash and crush Gron's car, injuring his whole family. After this, the minigame will end.

December 24

On this minigame you play as Gron. You walk up to Charles, which is playing his toy, Gron will give Charles a gift ,he will pick up a fedora out of the present, the minigame ends after that.

December 25

On this minigame you play as Charles,you walk up to an unopened present, when you touch it, the minigame ends.


On this minigame you play as Torture Lockjaw, you see dead kids, as well as Alison peeking from the cloud. Your see BFP crying on the floor, while Kitty FazCat child tries to cheer him up. If you go to the other side then back, BFP will be alone, if you touch the door on the other side, the minigame ends.

The past...

On this minigame you play as Charles, you see Lockjaw and Kitty FazCat preforming on stage, while all the kids cheer. You see Gron shutting the curtains on you. If you touch the door, the minigame ends.


On this minigame you play as Charles again. There are two ways of winning the minigame:

  • 1- Walk up to the door, wich can be encountered by walking a few steps left. After touching it, the minigame will end.
  • 2- Walk up to Gron, who lies in the third screen. While walking you will see various broken animatronic parts on the floor and unworking arcade machines at display. On the third screen, Gron is seen in the Golden Frankburt suit. After touching him, the minigame will end.

The horrible truth...

You play as Charles once again, you see writing saying "IT'S ME" me around the screen. You see a kid tuning while Kitty FazCat is performing. You see Freddy,Bonnie,Chica,and Gron performing. If you touch Gron, a Golden Lockjaw head will appear on him, he will start crying, then the Torture suit mechanisms go off and start crushing him, shocking the kids. Seconds later, Torture Golden Lockjaw's jumpscare ends the minigame.

Never Happy/Happy B-day...?

You play as dead Charles,you see a kid running, you then see The Unknown/Torture Beast preforming by Kitty FazCat child.Two rooms later, you then see a noose, if you touch it, the minigame ends.

Flashback minigames

Frankburt's flashback


December 28


Unnamed flashback minigame





The Return to Freddy's Classic




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