Koly is an animatronic Koala. He was once was a child. He's now lost in this monstrosity...
— Nightmare Fuel, The Return to Freddy's 4

Koly is a minor antagonist in The Return to Freddy's 4. He is first active on Night 1. He can be a bit aggressive as the nights go on.


Koly is a dark grey koala animatronic with a floating head, just like most other antagonists in TRTF4. He has a red bow tie and three buttons on his belly, which are white. He has missing shoulder pads, exposing his endoskeleton. He has two leaf-like ears. He has a white snout with a black nose on it, though no freckles are visible. He appears to have two teeth on his top head and one on his lower jaw. He appears slightly damaged, with holes in his suit and wires poking around.


He starts in CAM 04 with Kitty Fazcat. Koly will then go to CAM 03, followed by CAM 09 before rushing in front of The Office. The player must enter the Locker when he does so, or else Koly will jumpscare the player.


  • In the Nightmare Fuel menu, Koala is misspelled as "Kowalla". This is likely a spelling error made by PoniatorFilms/Tyler.
  • Koly is the only antagonist who never enters The Office, aside from attacking and running.
  • On twitter, PoniatorFilms/Tyler has stated that Torture Koly has yet to be modeled. This is also true for Torture Sally and Torture Dug.

Fairytale Koly is the animatronic body of Patient 48 at Gilbert Facility and an antagonist of _RADSLA_. His appearance was confirmed when TSMGames revealed the models to the public.


Fairytale Koly's appearance is very similar to his appearance in TRTF4. The exceptions being he is completely undamaged, and has 2 blue streaks of fur above his eyes, the blue going up into a little tuft of fur he has.


Koly, along with the other Fairytale animatronics, would have roamed the Gilbert Facility, after being hacked by fbinc. He would have attacked the player, but the player could move the office's position, through the funnel tube system.

Fairytale Koly is one of 3 animatronics from the Gilbert Facility, along with Fairytale Ty and Fairytale Sally This suit was used on Patient 48. Eventually, he and Sally were found by Wilson and his group, and were put to work in Freddy Fazzy Funtime.

The Return to Freddy's 4




The Return to Freddy's 4

The sound that Koly makes when killing the player WARNING: LOUD!
TRTF 4 Jumpscare

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