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Kitty FazCat is a female showbiz cat!
— Nightmare Fuel, The Return to Freddy's 4

Kitty FazCat 2.0 is an female showbiz cat at Fredbear's Family Diner and a new minor antagonist in The Return to Freddy's 2. She is a entertainer and as well as a gift-giving animatronic, similar to Sugar. Kitty usually tends to have more personality then other animatronics, as her main priority is climbing over things such as the office vent. During night and day she does walk around other then climbing to keep her animatronic servos from locking up just like her robot friends, as mentioned by Alison. Surprisingly she is possessed by BFP who is responsible for Freddy's aggressive behavior during the night, due to his fury at not being able to find someone to free him from his inescapable curse: being trapped inside the Frankburt suit.


Kitty FazCat is a tall pink/magenta cat animatronic made out of, what seems to be plastic casing in a similar vein to the "toy animatronics" from FNaF 2. It also sports bright red rosy cheeks, also similiar to that of the toy animatronics.

Kitty FazCat also appears to be wearing a big black top hat atop its head, just like Freddy Fazbear. It also appears to be wearing a bright red bowtie along with several black buttons on its chest, which is slightly lighter than its normal body color. It can also commonly be seen carrying, a long black cane with a yellow tip most of the time in the game.

Kitty also has a large muzzle with pointed edges, with freckles and a nose on top of it. Kitty also has 2 very sharp teeth on its upper jaw, which bear a strong resemblance to Foxy's teeth. Kitty FazCat also has bright pink eyes, that seem to be the same exact shade as its body.


Starting from Night 3 and onwards, Kitty FazCat will start in Party Room 2 (albeit off-camera). It will then proceed to move into the Main Hall and will then enter the office hallway or go into the Ceiling Vent. The player must then quickly put on the Freddy Head, or else it will jumpscare the player, ending the night. In some occasions, Kitty FazCat will enter the office hallway and then will go into the Ceiling Vent after leaving for a unknown amount of time before proceeding to attack again.


  • Kitty FazCat is BFPFilms424/Tyler's least favorite character, most likely because his ex-girlfriend made this character.
  • In the alpha version of the second game, if you look into the game files, there is a file of Kitty FazCat in the Party Room 2, the Main Hall (at the time the West Hall), the Ceiling Vent, and the Office hallway. Its old design is very different to its final build; it lacks its hat and cane, and its bowtie is on top of its head.
  • Kitty FazCat and Sugar actually share the same exact model, the only difference being the colors and some other small accessories.
  • Kitty Fazcat and Dug's jumpscares have been reported to actually rarely render when they are meant to jumpscare you.
  • Kitty FazCat's eye color strangely has changed quite a lot throughout the TRTF series' history, in TRTF 2 they were showcased as being bright pink, while the "Kitty Corner" minigame in TRTF 3 showcases them as being blue, but in TRTF 4 and onward they are shown as being dark green (with a few occasional exceptions here and there).
  • Party Room 2 was originally going to be called "Kitty Corner" which would be Kitty FazCat's own exclusive room.
  • Many people believed BFPFilms424/Tyler based Kitty FazCat off Cindy, a animatronic cat in Five Nights at Candy's. This is speculated to be false however.
    • There is a different in their coloration as Cindy has purple and Kitty has pink. She also wears a top hat and three buttons unlike Cindy who does not.

Kitty FazCat comes back in The Return to Freddy's 3 as a minor antagonist. It was a former 40% safer Torture Suit entertainer at Frankburt's Pizza that was designed by its owner after Torture Golden Kitty's physical and mechanical design. 71 years later after the restaurant's closure, Kitty FazCat was found by the Phone Buddies at the location previously mentioned and stored in the first floor of Fazbear Fantasy Land for future use.


Kitty FazCat is a lot more damaged then it was in TRTF2. It no longer appears to be made of plastic. It is burnt, like the other TRTF 3 characters. It is now pinkish red, but the lighting makes its appear to be reddish brown. Its bowtie is now black and its ears appear to be longer. The buttons on its chest are larger. A lot of the endoskeleton is showing through the many rips in its body.


It starts in CAM 07, then moves through CAM 02, CAM 04 and CAM 01 during its path to the office. The player must close the doors to stop it.


In the Kitty Corner minigame obtained after clicking the Kitty FazCat figurine, you will have control of it in a Party Room with 3 children. You must collect a cane and past trough a wall and fall into another room where 3 ghost children lie, touching them will result into the night resetting with the cane on the desk.

In the Night 1 minigame, it is seen, along with Dug, lying on the floor of the Party Room 2. After Shadow Lockjaw touches it, its eyes will start flickering and the minigame will end.


  • Kitty FazCat and Lockjaw are the only TRTF3 characters with 2 jumpscares.
    • Kitty FazCat's jumpscare was different in the demo and Lockjaw can jumpscare when starting the game, where he is a floating head.
  • If the player clicks the Kitty FazCat plush's nose on the desk it will squeak.
  • This version of Kitty FazCat was confirmed to not be the same version that was seen previous game, but a different animatronic altogether. The one seen in the previous game is the toy version.

Kitty FazCat returns once again as a minor antagonist in The Return to Freddy's 4. It used to be a TV Showbiz Animatronic used in the original Freddy Fazbear's Pizza from 1987 that served as a TV Studio for Fazbear Incorporated. Later in 2030, it was found by the Phone Buddies and kept in Freddy Fazzy Funtime for future use.


Kitty FazCat once again changed a lot. It seems much less damaged then it was on the third game, through there are still a few holes and wires poking out. It is still burnt, but now appears to be red though this might be because of the lighting. It no longer has large tufts of hair on the sides of its head, through it now has whiskers. Its top hat appears to be bigger now.


Kitty FazCat first becomes active on Night 1 and onwards, just like all of the other animatronics throughout the game. Kitty FazCat starts in CAM 04 along witth Koly. After that, Kitty will then go to CAM 03 before then going into CAM 01 and then finally into CAM 09.

After that Kitty FazCat will then quickly run through the player's office hallway before then peeking its head through the air vent. If the player doesn't hide inside of the Locker in time, Kitty will then quickly jumpscare the player. Kitty is a relatively easy animatronic to defend off, being pretty hard to die to.

Nightmare Fuel Description

Kitty FazCat's description reads: "Kitty FazCat is a female showbiz cat! =^-^= She starts in Party Room 2 on TRTF2. Party Room 2 was originally going to be called, "Kitty Corner". But of course there has been a change in plans... Kitty has been on TRTF2, 3, and now 4. Kitty is also a gift giving animatronic, and a replacement of Sugar the Cat.

  • Fact: Did you know Kitty FazCat is a real person? She is also the original creator of Kitty. =^-^="


  • Kitty FazCat and Fairytale Sally both peek their heads out before jumpscaring the player. However, Sally peeks its head above the office desk instead of the vent.

Kitty FazCat was supposed to come back in The Return to Freddy's: Frankburt's, before its recent cancellation. It serves as a female stripper at Frankburt's, and as a proposed major antagonist for the game.


Kitty FazCat is a dark pink cat animatronic, it has two ears, a snout, a nose, a cat-alike sharp of teeth, breasts, and a tail. It wears a black top hat with a white stripe, a black bowtie and 2 black buttons. Its endoskeleton appears to have eyelashes.


Kitty FazCat would have first started on the Show Stage and would've maked its way throughout many other locations of Frankburt's to your Security Office. It is unknown how the player would've defended themselves from Kitty FazCat nor from any of the other animatronics of the game.


  • This version of Kitty FazCat is the only animatronic to have breasts.

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Kitty FazCat saying "Hi!".


Kitty FazCat saying "Hello!".


The sound emitted when Kitty FazCat enters the Ceiling Vent.


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