Jackson is the youngest son of Gron and Lynda, younger brother of Charles and father of Carson. He is a character of the minigames of The Return to Freddy's 5.


He has blue eyes, brown hair, fair skin. He wears a yellow T-shirt, and blue jins.


In the December 23 minigame, he is seen in a car with him and his family inside, waiting for his dad, but they are later being car crashed by Alison.

In the KILL HER flashback minigame Jackson is seen fainted in a patients bed. While a fake doctor kills his mother.

After car crash and being hospitalize, he was sent to the Froster Family, while his brother decide to stay with his father. Years later, he married a girl and had a son named Carson, but unfortunatly, they divorced and Carson's custodity was given to him. Alison was planning to kill him since he hated Gron and his family, he looked through the phone book, and found Jackson's address. He knew all about Jackson through Gron. So brought a gun with him. Alison drove all the way up to his address, then walked up the steps, then knocked on the door. Jackson then snapped out of his worrying daydream, and was wondering who would want to knock on his door and visit him. He wasn't expecting any visitors. Jackson then opened the door to see a man with a white fedora and red trench coat. Alison smiled menacingly, Jackson then said, "Hello, who may you be?" Alison then introduced himself and said, "I know all about you, infact I knew your biological father." Jackson was curious and wanted to know more, so in responce he let him into his home. Jackson then said, "Please do tell me more, oh and please make yourself at home. We have coffee made and other things if you ever want anything." Alison then replied with, "Thank you, but i'm fine." As Alison was telling Jackson all about his biological father, Gron, he then said, "You and your family have left a mark in my life, and that mark has changed my life forever. And i'd like to return the favor." Jackson was confused, until Alison pulled out a pistol and shot Jackson right in the center of his forehead. Alison chuckled, then said, "Thank you for the drink by the way, you have a lovey home." Alison then left the house, and went back into his car going back to Fazbear Inc.

The Return to Freddy's 5



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