The Grammar Wizard is one of the main developers for TRTF 5. He was the first person invited when they switched to Unreal Engine. He is now helping with the lore and other things in the new Clickteam version.

He is often joked about being a "Grammar Nazi" and replying with "I'm not a Grammar Nazi, I am a Grammar Wizard. Get your facts straight dude." He is also seen on Twitter responding to many things with terms such as Hue, Nyar, Nyoar, Nyep, Nyeh, and many other things. It also spawned a picture from PoniatorFilms of Adventure Lockjaw captioned with "NYAR FOR MEH"

When TRTF5 was cancelled, he basically disappeared off of Twitter for awhile, there was a noticeable increase of him playing Source Engine video games (Half Life, Ricochet, Team Fortress 2 and Portal) but mostly Team Fortress. It was later revealed he was mapping for Iron Gauntlet, a Team Fortress community update. When TRTF5 was revived, a noticeable lack of Team Fortress 2 appeared, but more Half Life.

He is also part of the small development team that includes PoniatorFilms, Ferguson the Shuffler and Nanori. This development team is known as "Upsilon" and is planned to make original horror games, and some things that aren't horror games.

Where you can find him.


Games he is working on.

  • Tealers: a Different Chapter (Programming help)
  • >Elevate (Modeler and programmer)
  • The Last Shift (Beta testing)
  • Destroyed Aperture (Mapping and modeling)
  • The Return to Freddy's 5 (Lore)