The Gilbert Facility, named after its owner, Gilbert, was a secret goverment hospital located in the East of Asia, Japan. It is the first location to ever exist in the TRTF Saga, and the one that was going to serve as the main setting of _RADSLA_.


It was a hospital that held a secret project that was meant to save people from a severe super cancer that was contagious. There was sadly no cure. However on May of 1942, they had the idea of transfering a human's soul from one body to an object or mechanism of any kind of their choosing. So they labeled it as the "Save The Kids Project", which was made to allow immortality from the dangerous super cancer. Three patients numbered as Patient 20, Patient 48 and Patient 63 respectively, were strapped onto hospital beds and knocked out with a shot so they couldn't feel pain during the operation. As they put the metal soul extractor tube on all 3 of their hearts and brains, the energy from their body began to drain as the soul began it's transfer. Their heart-rate began to drop fast and went straight onto a flatline. Just when the test was thought to be unsuccessful by the scientist, the robots began to awaken and interact with them. The test was succesful, and the three patients were put into Fairytale Ty, Fairytale Koly, and Fairytale Sally respectively. They've also created a drinkable antidote called code:_RADSLA__, but it was feared that this antidote would've cause the virus to be more dangerous.

On January 1943, Gilbert passed away. He wanted to live forever so that he could be there as people were being saved from the virus, so his son, Alei, resurrected him by using their technology to The Machine.

Months later, Alei recieved a call from an american mafia drug gang leader named Alison that wanted to buy the machine for a big amount of money. Alei refused to sell it, and made the gang leader furious and decided to travel to Japan with his gang via airplane. When they arrived, the gang tracked down the coordinates of the phone call and eventually went to the facility. The gang massacred various scientists with various equipments, killed Alei, and stole the machine. Before leaving the place, Alison had found the code: _RADSLA_ and drank half of it due to one of the side effects being "90% inmortality". He and his gang left before the police arrived, and succesfully stole The Machine to America for money purposes.

During 1944 when Fazbear Inc. was losing its popurality, the Gilbert Facility was making its way to the top and taking all the credit, as they kept continuing their research project on the "Save The Kids Project". Ever since the massacre on 1943 and the second owner's death, the scientists were working on a project where Alei would be resurrected into a and keep his organic body while at the same time have mechanisms that give him life. A few moments later as they were working on Alei's revival, the mechanisms alternated and went out of control making Alei come to life, but as a phsycopathic humanoid that wanted to kill everyone in it's path alive. And so, they were oblidged to force him down a testing chamber to make sure he wouldn't escape.

Shortly after this project was cancelled, on March 20th of 1944, Gilbert Facility was in serious need of a security guard to watch over the place after hours during the night, worrying that another break-in like the one Alison caused might happen again one day. So they decided to hire one of these scientists named Loyd to take the job, while another one of there scientists named Chai Tun would give him phone calls throughout his nights to tell him how to work his job, Chai gave Loyd many mechanisms to help defend himself, such as mechanical body armor, a gas mask just in case any toxic breaches happen, even some asthma and toxic pills along, even this “adrenaline decreaser” that lowers his heart rate along with this computer system that allows him to block hacks. Shortly after Loyd’s 1st shift started, an anonymous hacker known as “fbinc” hacked into the facility and hacked into Fairytale Ty, Fairytale Koly and Fairytale Sally’s systems and made them start to attack Loyd, which he defended them off with his funnel door in his office.

However, after a couple of hours Alison was tired of just horsing around with Loyd, he knew he was making hardly any progress into making his demise, so he then decided to hack into the failed revival of Alei project’s mind, making him A LOT more extemley aggressive and violent this time, than he was with the Fairytale animatronics. Alei then quickly dashed towards the player’s office, Loyd quickly spotted him before then shutting the door on him, but he had a feeling it probably wouldn’t hold him for long. So Loyd then decided to quickly open emergency security shelter shaft below his office, where from there he then went to the Gilbert Facility’s “subtunnel train-subway system”, where from there he then decided to go into the train to the “Storage and Supply Room” so he could hide. After he got there, he felt more safe than ever, he ran behind the desk and just layed there for several hours, hyperventilating. After a while, he looked across the room to then see a large kitchen knife.

He could either just end his life here and now, or he could save the company’s reputation by making himself die as a hero. Doing so would likely save the “Save The Kids Project”. So he then quickly grabbed a propane tank and brought it with him, holding the knife close to it. He then started to hear loud banging sounds comping through the air vents. Loyd then saw a hand gun laying down on the desk, Loyd then decided to grab it as it would probably come in handy against Alei, the noises then stopped randomly for seemingly no reason. Loyd then put the gun back into his pocket and stood up, about to leave, the vent then flew off it’s hinges hitting the wall, Alei quickly lunged out of it landing on top of Loyd, trying to kill him, Loyd was trying to get him off but it was no use. Alei then picked up a steel pipe stabbing Loyd in the arms, he could do litteraly nothing but scream in pain. Loyd then pointed his handgun at the propane tank and shot it as hard as he could before it then exploded, the blast radius then hit tons of other propane tanks, completley destroying the storage room along with Alei and Loyd inside of it.

Very shortly after this incident happened, the scientists came back and found the room completley wrecked with Alei & Loyd’s burnt corpses laying in the middle, they then called the police about this incident. The facility was then shut down by the authorities very shortly after this tragedy.


Known Employees