The Gilbert Facility was a hospital in Japan, Fazbear Inc.'s rival company, and the first location to ever exist in the TRTF Universe. It's the main setting of _RADSLA_.


The Gilbert Facility was created on March 25th of 1942, which was a secret japanese government facility located on Japan. It was a hospital that held a secret project that was meant to save people from a severe super cancer that was contagious. There was sadly no cure. However on May of 1942, they had the idea of transfering one's soul from one body, to an object or mechanism of any kind of their choosing. So they labeled it as the "Save The Kids Project" which was made to allow immortallity from a dangerous super cancer. The idea was to transfer the soul of one body to an object or mechanism. There were 3 patients, Patient 20, Patient 48 and Patient 63, who were put into Fairytale Ty, Fairytale Koly, and Fairytale Sally, respectively. They created an antidote, but feared it would make the virus worse, called code:_RADSLA__.

On January 1943, Gilbert, the owner of the facility, passed away. He wanted to live forever so that he could be there as people were being saved from the virus, so his son, Alei, uploaded him using the project to The Machine. They recieved a call from America, as a mafia drug gang leader, Alison, wanted the machine. Alei refused to sell it, so Alison and his gang came to Japan via airplane, killed Alei, and stole the machine. He found code: _RADSLA_, and drank it. He and his gang left, and they took The Machine with them.

During 1944, the Gilbert Facility was making it's way to the top and taking all the credit, they were still continuing with their research project on the "Save The Kids Project". Ever since the incedent of 1943 and Alei's death, the scientists were working on making something where Alei would be alive again and keep his organic body while at the same time have mechanisms that give him life. The project was questionable whether it was going well or not. But a few moments later as they were working on Alei's revival, the mechanisms fluctuate and go haywire making Alei come to life, but as an phsycopathic humanoid that wants to tear everyone in it's path alive. So they had to force him into the testing chamber where he wouldn't escape.


Known Employees




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