Gilbert is a character of The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth, the first owner of the Gilbert Facility, the deceased father of Alei, and the soul possesor of The Machine.


On March 25th of 1942, Gilbert was assigned as the owner of the Gilbert Facility by the japanese goverment to help with a severe super cancer which more and more people started to get sick due to it being very contagious.

On January 4th of 1943, Gilbert was very ill. Before his death, Gilbert said he had wanted to live on for eternity so that he could be there as people were being saved from the virus. So Alei had an idea, he would use the soul transporter they had invented a year ago on his father, and have the scientists working at Gilbert Facility help him make a machine that would provide energy like no other to keep the mecharobots up and running so that the 3 patients and many others would stay alive and not shut down. On July 17th of 1943, the Machine was finished at last. They had the father's body put onto the hospital bed and the machine hooked up to a bunch of computers and monitors, putting as much knowledge, power, and energy into the machine as possible. They couldn't tell whether this would work or not since the father was already dead. But suddenly the machine was activated on it's own, had a voice, a mind of it's own. It was a beautiful creation they had accomplished.


Gilbert Is going to Appear IN BFP's New Game Tycrazmania As The Main Antagonist Of The Game And He is Named Prof. "Gilbert" Volendez.