Fritz Smith is a minor character that appears in the Minigames of The Return to Freddy's Classic.


Fritz Smith is a violet figure, with black eyes, and a permanent smile.


In one minigame, you take control of him. The player can go to an Party Room, the Parts/Service room, or the Prize Corner Room. However, the player needs to got to the Pats/Service room and touch Golden Freddy to end the minigame. After touching Golen Freddy, white pupils will appear on his eyeholes and his jumpscare will play, ending the minigame.


  • As in FNAF, He is not speculated to be real or a second killer, however on Twitter, PoniatorFilms confirmed about his existance.
  • It is possibly that Fritz Smith might deceased as he doesn't appear in the rest of the series.

Fritz Smith comes back in The Return to Freddy's 2. He is present in one minigame, and doesn't have a mature role.


Fritz Smith looks identical to his previous appearance, the only change is that he has more light violet color and lighted car.


In a "Take cake to the children"-alike minigame, where the player has control of Springtrap, you will see Lockjaw child crying outside of an building. Later on Fritz Smith will arrive in his car and stand next to Lockjaw child. After a while, the minigame will end.

The Return to Freddy's Classic




The Return to Freddy's 2


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