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"The mask is toxic, don't wear it for too long. That's one thing to maintain, your oxygen" - Phone Guy

The Freddy Mask is a mechanic in The Return to Freddy's and The Return to Freddy's 2. It's an empty Freddy fazbear head. The player can wear the Freddy Mask at any time. However, if the player keeps the Freddy Mask on for too long, the player will die from the toxic materials of the mask that got in there while the building was under construction. It is the only method of defense in The Return to Freddy's, as there is no need for the player to check the lights, the doors can be opened by the animatronics, viewing the monitor is unnecessary and will speed up the animatronics, and there is no vent gate. While the Freddy Mask is being worn, it prevents most animatronics from attacking the player. In the first game, the player has to put on the Freddy Mask with a delay of about 2 seconds if an animatronic enters the office and if they see The Puppet on the displays. In the second game, the player must immediately put the Freddy Mask on if they see any animatronic in the hallway. In both cases, if the player puts the Freddy Mask on too late, takes it off, or if it is not equipped at all, then they will get jumpscared, with the animatronic taking off the Freddy Head or putting down the Monitor. If the player puts it on too early in the first game, they will also get jumpscared. If the mask is worn for too much time, the player also dies, but without a jumpscare.


  • The Toxic drains faster depending on the game. The first two demos of The Return to Freddy's 2 Alpha and the first game drain the fastest, while in The Return to Freddy's 2, it drains slower.
  • If timed perfectly, the player can survive taking off the Freddy Head and putting it back on in the first game.
  • The mask from TRTF2 uses the first Freddy Fazbear model made by Poniator, even after the model being replaced.
    • However, in the game over screen, the mask model is different, presumably the regular Freddy Fazbear model, as the nose and the eyes are identical.
  • During the cutscenes between each night, in TRTF2, the player wears a puppet mask, unlike the Freddy mask in FNAF2 cutscenes and some of TRTF:C cutscenes

TRTF (classic)

The Return to Freddy's 2

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