"Were you looking for Fredbear's Family Diner, Frankburt's Pizza, Fazbear Fantasy Land, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, or possibly Frankburt's?"

Freddy Fazzy Funtime is the eight location and the sixth pizzeria in the TRTF franchise. It's the location that takes place in The Return to Freddy's 4.


In TRTF 4, the area was a dump and in the process of cleaning up. The entire building had a red tint to it, many tables with party hats, some hallways with arcade machines, wires hanging from the ceiling, and a couple of animatronic props.


The Return to Freddy's 4

15 years later, in August 8th 2030, Blake, Chun, and Wilson were all grown up and they had a new friend called John. They decided to make another Fazbear establishment called Freddy Fazzy Funtime. They used the building that started the Freddy Fazbear Pizza locations. The walls were still stone tiles as always, the floor was paved in marvel tiles, but had a lot of old black smudges everywhere assuming that the place was rotting, there were old vintage arcade machines, abandoned parts scattered everywhere, these were parts used for TV showbiz. This whole building was a TV Studio for Fazbear Inc., and there were party tables here already set for special events back in the day. The animatronics were from a TV show called "Captain Frankburt and His Scurvy Crew", and they found 3 animatronics in the building: Golden Freddy, Golden Lockjaw, and Golden Kitty. This Location was more associated with Fazbear Inc. After the Night 6 ending, Wilson, Chun, and John came back to see that Blake was dead and the Golden Lockjaw suit was gone, and never to be seen again. When the Police arrives, and the investigation was put to play. One investigator named Carson, Gron's grandson, came up to Wilson and the 2 other guys saying, "I'm so sorry for your loss... I'll do everything I can to solve this case no matter the cost. This is nothing we'd ever seen before. So many of these deaths are linked to Fazbear Inc. and rumors have been lingering about those who get a job at Fazbear Inc. never return".



Easter Egg Characters




  • This Pizzeria is tied with Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (after the update) for the least animatronics, with 6.
  • This is Fazbear Entertainment's last pizzeria they have ever made.
  • This is the first location not to have Foxy and Chica as active animatronics.
  • The newspaper has text around it. It contains messages from Tyler, such as: WIP. The others are one saying mew a lot of times, another explaining and how he met Kitty and fell in love with her. And another explaining that Lockjaw's real name is Frank Burt.

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