The Fredbear plush is a minor character that appears in an ending of The Return to Freddy's 5.


Fredbear Plush is a plushie toy based on the animatronic, Fredbear. He has black eyes with white dots for pupils. He also wears a purple top hat and bowtie. It is yellow in colour. It is very similar to the Fredbear plush from FNAF 4.


He appears in an ending talking to Lockjaw child that he has forgotten him because of a Kitty Fazcat plush. When he stops talking, he banishes the Kitty Fazcat plush, making Lockjaw child cry.


Where have you been...? Ah.. I see... You've been with her... Do you not have time for us anymore...? Is that how it is now...? 2 can play the game... I'll fix that...

Lockjaw child: NO!!! PLEASE!!!

Ah... much better!!! We're still friends right...? I'm here for you to wipe your tears... You'll be just fine...

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