Frankburt's is a strip-club establishment used as a secret criminal institution by its owners, and the last location to be linked to Fazbear Incorporated. It was supossed to serve as the main setting of The Return to Freddy's: Frankburt's, before the game was cancelled.


Frankburt's appearance seems to resemble the main floor of Fazbear Fantasy Land. However, the location appears to be more cleaner than the other establishment did, having various arcade machines throughtout the place, new party rooms and purple lightspots around it. The second floor that the previous "Frankburt's locations" had is nowhere to be seen, since it most likely not modeled due to the game being cancelled while the map was being made.


Frankburt's was constructed at an unknown time during the 21st century by the hands of a criminal gang, linked to both Alison and Fazbear Incorporated, as a strip club establishment that disguised itself as a children's restaurant. Most assets were ripped-off from Frankburt's Pizza, such as its main mascots and its overall layout. However, it was mainly used by the gang as a secret criminal institution in order lay low from the law enforcement.

In 2035, after a recent incident at Freddy Fazzy Funtime that made the authorities realize that many of these deaths were linked to Fazbear Inc., an investigator named Carson was allowed to travel to the building to shoot the criminal gang down, and end all of the torture and suffering they have done to the innocent people who got a job at Fazbear Inc.

When Carson got into the building, a fierce gunfire between the criminal gang and the investigator had started. Most of the members of the gang members and employees of the building died during the gun battle, leading up to the investigator's success and closure of the strip club establishment. However, the investigator later found out that "The Prophecy" truly didn't end yet...


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Known Locations