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Were you looking for Torture Foxy, his Torture Suit counterpart seen in TRTF5?

Foxy is an animatronic entertainer in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and an antagonist in The Return to Freddy's Classic.


Foxy's appearance is directly from Five Nights at Freddy's, with the exception of his jumpscare, which is from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.


Foxy will begin moving after Chica leaves in The Office. He will then peek out of the curtain at Pirate Cove. Then he will leave the curtain, kneeling on the ground. Then he will move to the West Hall, then the office. The player must immediately put on the Freddy Mask when this happens, with a slight delay.


  • An eyeless Foxy easter egg can be performed by clicking on Toy Freddy's mouth in the first cutscene. Each time, it will play a honking sound. Once that it done 5 times, he will appear and everything else will disappear, and the game will crash.
    • When this happens, the game tries to stop a scream sound, however, it is never played in-game.

Foxy comes back, as an animatronic entertainer in Fredbear's Family Diner and a minor antagonist in The Return to Freddy's 2.


Foxy is a red fox animatronic. He has a pirate theme; this is indicated by his eyepatch, his hook and his legs looking like pants. He has a tan snout with a nose. His teeth are sharper than the other animatronics. His endoskeleton is rusty. He has two ears. Foxy appears to be fixed unlike his appearance in the main games.


Foxy starts in Party Room 2. He occasionally goes to the East Hall, but most of the time he'll appear in the The Office. When he does this, the player has to quickly flash the light at him.


  • In The Return To Freddy's 2 Foxy seems to be fixed because of his debut appearence in Fredbear's Family Diner. Considering only the TRTF saga and the original Five nights at Freddy's saga, this is the only time that foxy is seen fixed, even considering the minigames from both sagas

Foxy comes back once again, as an animatronic entertainer in Fazbear Fantasy Land and an antagonist The Return to Freddy's 3.He starts moving on night 2.


Foxy looks very decrepit. He is now black because of the lighting and looks burnt. His left ear is missing its suit. His arm and legs are ripped up. His left hand, his hook is larger than in TRTF2, his lower legs and his feet's endoskeletons are exposed. Wires are poking from various places.


Foxy starts in CAM 11. If Foxy appears in the left hallway, the player must use the corrupt signal on the system panel to make him leave. However, you can briefly prevent him from moving at all by closing the CAM 11 door.


  • When in the Office Hallway, he seems to be missing his nose and lower jaw. this may be an error

Secret screen

The prop of Foxy

Foxy is absent from The Return to Freddy's 4. Like Chica and Vigo, he did not survive the destruction of Fazbear Fantasy Land. He does appear in a secret screen that occasionally appears when starting the game, as well as a suit prop in CAM9. It is possible he has been replaced by Koly or Sally, just like Chica. A Foxy plush can be seen in CAM4 too. This makes him the absent animatronic with the most appearances.

The Return to Freddy's Classic

The Return to Freddy's 2



Full game

The Return to Freddy's 3


The Return to Freddy's (classic)

The scream that Foxy makes when killing the player.

The Return to Freddy's 2

The screech that Foxy emits when killing the player.
J-Scare x6-0

The Return to Freddy's 3

The sound emitted when Foxy kills the player.

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