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  • Floor 5, the floor that's located above this floor?
  • Floor 3, the floor that's located below this floor?

Floor 4 is the fourth floor of Fazbear Incorported that the player was meant to investigate in The Return to Freddy's 5: Story Mode.


Floor 4 assumes the appearance of a bedroom with dirty yellow walls. On the floor there are posters of Kitty FazCat and Frankburt. On the wall there are two posters: one of Kitty FazCat again and one of a cuter and possibly child-friendly version of The Unknown/The Beast. There is also a child's drawing of Jester-In-A-Box in the center of the wall. The floor is of a dark blue color. The room has several bookshelves and a bed, with a Kitty Plush under there. There is a lamp that serves as an auxiliary light source.

Game Information

Currently, only Torture Kitty and The Unknown/The Beast start here. The player can hide under the bed to defend himself from the Torture suits or point the flashlight on them, although this seems to provoke them sometimes, as seen with Torture Kitty in the 1st Official Trailer.


  • The rooms of Floor 4 were used as small hotel bedrooms for the employees who worked during nightshifts.

The Return to Freddy's 5: Story Mode