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  • Floor 2, the floor that's located above this one?
  • Floor A, the floor that's located below this one?

Floor 1 is the first floor from Fazbear Inc. that the player was meant to start in The Return to Freddy's 5 Story Mode.


In Floor 1, there are multiple pipelines, and cables on the ceilings and draws of the Animatronics in some walls. The ground floor and ceiling are noticeably a cobblestone stone and has multiple rocks, crates, barrels, on it, and the walls are made out of rocks. Above the crates, there seems to be an empty Lockjaw head and, hung by crates, a Fredbear poster with a pose similar to the posters in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. On the poster, it will have many words written with blood reading "Guilty" and another word reading "Never Forget".

Game Information

On this floor, Torture Lockjaw, Torture Freddy, Torture Bonnie, and Torture Foxy were meant to appear after the player opened the cage door that separate him and the animatronics. The player must listen for noises (like footsteps and metallic noises). It means that one animatronic is near. To avoid being killed by them, the player must turn off the flashlight and don't move until the animatronic is gone. In order to complete this floor, the player has to find the key, open the cage door and find the elevator to go to the next floor.


  • The Fredbear poster words may refer to how a character in the TRTF lore is guilty of something.
  • In the TRTF5 second trailer, Torture Lockjaw and Torture Bonnie are seen in this floor, confirming their appearance.


Full Game




Unfinished Demo



Unreal Engine 4

Pre-Release 2/3



Pre-Release 1


The Return to Freddy's 5 Story Mode

Floor 1's ambience.

Ambience tesla

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