Ferguson the Shuffler is a developer and music composer for TRTF5. He had been friends with Tyler for quite a while but he unfriended him, and has been part of the TRTF series since the 3rd game

Original Games

  • ">elevate"
  • The Last Shift: Reborn
  • Welcome to Freddy's REMASTERED
  • Trapped Inside

Games He's Worked On

  • The Return to Freddy's Saga
  • The Rise of Freddy Fazbear's Series
  • Popgoes' Pizza
  • Insanity
  • Five Nights at Tealer's Series
  • Five Nights at Rocky's
  • Dormitabis








  • On a Reddit post (from Bioninjagames called "The post that will destroy poniator for good", Ferguson mentioned in a comment saying that he unfriended BFP.

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