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Fang the Golden Wolf is a fan-game animatronic made by FloraTheWolf that made a guest appearance in The Return to Freddy's: Frankburt's, before its recent cancellation.


Fang is a golden colored wolf animatronic. He has orange-colored eyes along with a large ocher-colored snout, two small ears, two rows of sharp teeth, ocher eyebrows and red cheeks. He appears to be wearing a green bowtie on his chest along with green cut gloves on his hands.


Fang would have started in one of the many locations of Frankburt's, and would've made his way throughout other areas of the strip-club establishment to your Security Office. It is unknown how the player would've defended themselves from Fang nor from any of the other animatronics of the game.


  • Fang originally came from a FNaF Fangame made by "AFlorablePuns" called "Five Nights at Fang's: The Golden Days" that sadly got cancelled back in mid-2016.
  • Fang was meant to be the only guest character in the game.
  • Fang was doubted to appear in the game, since he was given to Flora as a gift. He was later revealed to be in the game, when the files of Adventure Mode were leaked.
  • He is actually a reskinned Fairytale Ty if you look closely. There are some minor changes that distance the model from Ty like the eyes, a longer snout and an additional green bowtie.

The Return to Freddy's 5

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