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Fairytale Ty is the robotic body of Patient 20, that was going to serve as one of the antagonists in _RADSLA_, before its cancellation. He was one of the Mechanical Robots constructed for the "Save the Kids Project" at the Gilbert Facility, alongside Koly and Sally, in which three children were inserted into their corresponding suits. He is hacked by "fbinc" during Loyd's nightshift.


Fairytale Ty is a tall red panda mechanical robot made out of, what seems to be, a glossy plastic casting. He has bright red glossy cheeks on his face along with various red panda physical characteristics like his white snout, his ears' coloring, and the some of the light brown stripes lining.

His torso, pelvis, and upper legs are colored in reddish orange with light brown stipes marked on them. His arms and arms are colored in light brown, but his fingers are colored in black, much like his legs and feet, which are also black, but the toes are actually colored in light brown. He also has raccoon-like tail at the rear end of his body, which is alternately marked with reddish orange and light brown rings.


Fairytale Ty, along with Fairytale Koly and Fairytale Sally, would have roamed the Gilbert Facility, after being hacked by fbinc, and maked his way throughout other locations of the facility to your Security Office. In order to defend yourself from Ty, the player must had moved the office's position through the funnel tube system.


  • Fairytale Ty was actually planned to make his first appearance in the ":Save The Kids Project:" Minigame of The Return to Freddy's 5, where the player would have been able to Ty with the "W", "A", "S", "D" keys in what appeared to be a fairytale-like garden.
    • This would have made him the only character from RADSLA to appear in TRTF5.
  • Before the cancellation of _RADSLA_, BFPFilms424/Tyler decided to make a new non FNAF-related game, called "TycrazMania" with Ty as the main character.
    • Awhile after this, the character was renamed as "Tycraz".
  • Fairytale Ty's design was actually based off from an anthropomorphic red panda character called "Genwyn", from the comic, "Twisted Sister".

The Return to Freddy's 5




Patient 20 morbidly breathing inside of Fairytale Ty with a creepy theme playing in the backgrounf. This sound file was used in one of the early teasers for _RADSLA_.

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