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Fairytale Ty was meant to appear in a minigame of The Return to Freddy's 5.


Fairytale Ty is the apparition of a humanoid fairytale red panda character, that appears to have cyan-colored eyes and a straight brown stripe on his torso. He also appears to have a racoon-like tail and brown foot. Not much of his appearance other than that, as he was represented in an 8 bit stylized sprite.


Fairytale Ty makes his first and only known appearance in the ":Save the Kids Project:" Minigame, where the player would have been able to control the Animatronic on what appears to look like a fairytale-like garden, using the keys "W", "A", "S", "D" to move. Not much can be done in the minigame other than walk around the garden and wait until he gets tired of doing so. The player strangely cannot defeat the minigame no matter what they do as there are no legitimate known ways to beat it, the only way to get back out is by closing the game.


  • Fairytale Ty is the only character from _RADSLA_ to make an appearance on TRTF5.

Fairytale Ty was going to make his debut appearance in _RADSLA_ as a major antagonist of the game. He was one of the Fairytale animatronic suits constructed for the Save the Kids project, alongside Koly and Sally, in which three children were inserted into their corresponding suits, that is hacked by "fbinc" during Loyd's nightshift.


Fairytale Ty is a red panda animatronic. He appears to have a plastic casting, along with blue-colored eyes, white eyebrows, two white ears, two rows of teeth, brown hands with four black-colored fingers, black feet with four brown-colored toes and a raccoon-like tail. His face, chest, arms and legs have brown stripes on them.


Fairytale Ty, along with Fairytale Koly and Fairytale Sally, would have roamed the Gilbert Facility, after being hacked by fbinc, and maked his way throughout other locations of the facility to your Security Office. In order to defend yourself from Ty, the player must had moved the office's position through the funnel tube system.


  • Before the cancellation of _RADSLA_, BFPFilms424/Tyler decided to make a new game, called "TycrazMania" with Ty as the main character.
    • Awhile after this, he was renamed as "Tycraz".
  • His design was actually ripped off from a furry character called "Genwyn", from the comic, "Twisted Sister".

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