The house of Carson is an location in The Return to Freddy's 5, and the home of Carson. It appears in a minigame after dying that takes place in a nightmare, and as in the old Extras Menu.


Nightmare minigame look

The house seems to look like an avarage house, almost like one of the real life. It has a couch, with a Lockjaw plush on it, star walls, with kid drawings of BFPFilms424, TheFangsomeWolf, Jfun300, and two doors, with one that shows a glowing blue light.

Extras Menu look

It's a brown room, with a storage table and an window. The table has a Lockjaw plush and a Fang plush on it, as well as a TV and an follage.

Game Information

Nightmare minigame

At first, the only thing that the player can do is look at the living room or the closet and use the "flashlight" by pressing Ctrl. Later, Nightmare Lockjaw will appear and he will try to kill the player. To defend yourself, you have to ignore him and look at another room or turn the flashlight off and wait until he goes, but this has little possibilities to work. To win, the player has to stay alive until the nightmare ends.

Extras Menu

The player is opened in an menu, where he can see by clicking the TV the jumpscares, the endings, the minigames, and the credits.

The Return to Freddy's 5

Nightmare minigame

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