CAM 05 is a location in The Return to Freddy's 3 within Fazbear Fantasy Land. Lockjaw and Freddy Fazbear can appear here.


CAM 05 appears to be a long, barren, dark hallway, just like the majority of the other rooms inside Fazbear Fantasy Land. Several long, dirty wires can be seen draped across the right wall, and several children-made drawings can also be seen on the same wall, too. A crepuscular ray can also be seen shining visibly on the red-and-black checkered floor and a little bit on the wall.

CAM 05 is a location in The Return to Freddy's 4 within Freddy Fazzy Funtime. Freddy Fazbear moves through here.


This room's design is - noticeably - extremely similar to CAM 03 which can occasionally lead to some confusion among the players. CAM 05 showcases a long, very narrow hallway along with three arcade machines lined up against the wall.

The Return to Freddy's 3

The Return to Freddy's 4

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