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CAM 04 is a location in The Return to Freddy's 3. Kitty FazCat and Bonnie move through here.


CAM 04 is a hallway that looks similar to the others in Fazbear Fantasy Land, with light shining from the ceiling, a checkered pattern on the wall with green bars surrounding it, children's drawings, posters, a reflective red and black tile floor, and wires also hanging from above. There is a large wire snaked across the floor, with a Kitty Fazcat head and arm clutching a staff lying on the floor, and two arcade machines flickering seen in the back. Within the room, a lower-pitched, slowed down music box version of ​Come Little Children from ​Disney's Hocus Pocus plays.​


  • Bonnie and Kitty are the only two animatronics that go through this room.


TRTF Come Little Children HQ

The music box heard in the room.

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