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Blake was going to be the main protagonist of The Return to Freddy's: Frankburt's, prior to its recent cancellation. He works as the nightshift security-guard at Frankburt's on a 7-night shift from 12 AM to 6 AM.


Much like the other main protagonists did in the previous games of the saga, Blake's physical appearance is never seen during gameplay, as the player is forced to stay in first person view for its entirety.


Blake used to work Frankburt's during night-shifts as a security guard, making sure no thief breaks into the building during the night. Similarly to the previous games, the game was meant to be played from a first-person perspective as him.

When Carson broke into Frankburt's and caused the gunfire at the place, the mafia gang and most of the employees got killed during the gun fight. It is unknown if Blake was one of the survivors or not.