BFPFilms424 was meant to be the final boss of The Return to Freddy's 5 Adventure Mode. He has two forms: BFP and BFPdemon.


In his normal form, he is a blocky human-like figure. His head, hands, torso and feet are composed of cubes, without a face, fingers or actual arms or legs. He wears a black fedora on his head. His hands appear to be floating by his sides. He wears a light blue shirt, and dark blue pants, with shoes of the same color. His skin is a glowing white. Tears float around him.

In his BFPdemon form, he now has a full actual body, with segmented, block limbs connecting to his hands and feet. His head now has brown hair, and a face with a mouth and eyes with black sclera and red pupils. He now wears brown shoes, and a different fedora with a red stripe. His hands sport fingers. He also has large black wings, with some red spikes on top of them. Tears still float around him.


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  • Like Scott Cawthon did in FNAF World as Animdude, BFPFilms424/Tyler uses his old author avatar as the Final Boss in Adventure Mode.
    • However, unlike Animdude, BFPFilms424 has two forms.

The Return to Freddy's 5 Adventure Mode

BFPFilms424's laugh as he reveals to be Yin Kouiu.

Poniator laugh

BFPFilms424's Fight Theme.

BFPdemon's Fight Theme.