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"I'm going to tell you a story..."
— The Storyteller A.K.A. Alison, Prologue of The Return to Freddy's 5

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Alison is a character that was seen in The Return to Freddy's 2. He acted as TRTF2's Phone Guy. Much like the previous Phone Guy did in TRTF Classic, his identity was not known until The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth was released.


Alison welcomes you to Fredbear's Family Diner with a calm and welcoming voice, contrary to how he normally acts.

Phone Calls

Original call

Uh, hello? Hello? Uh, hello and welcome to your new summer job. I'm here to talk you through some of the things you can expect to see during your first week here to help you start this new and exciting career path. You're actually our first guard to work at this location. The first stuff can be fairly easy. Nothing really goes on during the night except a robbery, pranks and etc.. We really haven't experienced any of those things. But, to be aware, the animatronics do walk around at night and during the day. That keeps their servos from locking up. So don't worr- So don't worry about the place that's haunted. Now, that being said, if you ever try to find where the people are, but they just want to entertain you, you know, they... They don't want to hurt you. Also, you have 2 things that maintain... well, more likely 3. You have: a flashlight; power, and you... Uh... The mask is toxic, so you don't wear it on for too long, That's also 1 thing to maintain. That's your oxygen. Uh... I don't think you also want the place going dark. Also, that being said, please keep the power generated at all times. We currently can't afford better power just yet. Now, to welcome you to this job, we gave you an empty Freddy head, but during the development of this building, I think some dust and other toxic-type things may have gotten into it, so I don't think it's a good idea to wear it for too long. Well, I think that's it. You should be golden. Check the lights, make sure nobody gets in, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Updated call from TRTF2 Update/The Dreadful Truth

Hello? Hello? Hey bud, welcome to Fredbear's Family Diner! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Alison, or you could just call me the "Phone Guy" as many of the employees like to call me behind my back. Welcome to your first night as security guard to take the night shift. Make yourself all comfy and at home, as a gift for taking the job we gave you a mask. We don't know if you're allergic to latex or not, so if you are; it'll be toxic for ya and I wouldn't put it on if I were you. Have a good night, bud!

Uh, hello? Hello? Uh, see, I told you your first night wouldn't be a problem. By now you will have noticed the music box in one of the party rooms. That is brand-new. That just moved into the building 3 days ago. That is the replacement for the gift-giving animatronic that we used to have here. He kept the kids happy, until one day a kid came and tore him apart. But he is stored in the basement, so he shouldn't be able to wander around. And it probably about scares me about the puppet thing. It can go anywhere. So to prevent that, just wind up the music box, and it should hold him in place for... Uh, about a few seconds. Uh... The animatronics have been also acting really strange lately. Uh, it's something about a glitch in the system. Uh, they don't know how bad that the glitch is, or what it can exactly cause yet, but I'll update you whenever they find out. Don't worry. Before they even opened up the place, they had a yellow suit instead of a brown one. The yellow one was supposed to be Freddy, uh, but you can see those are so very easily on the yellow one. So the CEO switched it to a brown one, and the yellow suit happens to be right in the storage basement. Uh, I'll be honest, I-I think the CEO has OCD or something. Uh, anyways, that's the same problem. Uh, I'll let you get back to work. Uh, have a good night, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Hey, Night 3. I told you you wouldn't have any problems. About that gift-giving animatronic that was torn apart, he has been acting a bit twitchy, so he might be able to move, but if he does, the mask should work on him too. Uh, also, another gift-giving animatronic, not just the Puppet, but another cat, named Kitty Fazcat. Uh, she likes to climb on things, and is most likely to climb into the vents, so just keep an eye out for a pink animatronic cat. Remember to keep the music box wound up and the power generated. Oh, and before I go, the first animatronic we had here... was very, very glitchy and too scary. Uh, he should not move and will not move, because he has been put in the storage basement as well. Uh, yeah, he was the very first prototype we ever had here, but okay, but anyways, hang in there, and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Hello? Hello? Uh, hey there, Night 4. I told you you would get the hang of it. Okay, just to update you, the CEO has found out the glitch can cause... I-it's very... Deadly. *clears throat* Uh, the animatronics start to think... start to think during the night that an- any adults in the building, uhh... Uh... is an empty endoskeleton, without its costume on. Uh, apparently that's against the rules here, so they try to stuff a person in a suit. Uh, but the downside about that is that the suits are filled with wires and animatronic devices. Uh, also, I forgot to mention a dog animatronic we have here. Uh, the children called him... Dug. So I guess that's his na- I guess that's the name we're giving him. Uh, he falls t- with noise, so, just make sure to make some noise when you see him in your camera view, or at the far end of the hall. Uh, also, someone wants to buy & sell & rename our business, uh, but the CEO refuses to do that. Anyways, hang tight, it'll all pass. Good night.

Uh, hello? Hello? Uh, hey, good job, Night 5. Uh, keep a close eye on things tonight, okay? A child went missing today, the CEO literally had to shout out at the top of his lungs and explain to the press that it wasn't our doing. Now, we're all over the news. This is exact- this is really sad news, really. Uh, so we may have to sell off the business to the guy that came over yesterday. Uh, The Puppet was also really acting... really aggressive during the day shift. So, just... keep the music box wound up at all times, okay? And be sure the power doesn't go out, either. Just... get through 2 more nights, hang in there, and good night.

Uh, hello? Hello? Uh... *sigh* We have some very bad news. The CEO's gonna sell out today. *sigh* We have to close our doors. The animatronics are starting to smell. Uh, The Puppet's not acting right... none of them are acting right. Just... just stay safe tonight, okay? Use the mask, keep the power generated, and wind up the music box. Uh, whenever they get a grand reopening, I'll probably have someone else take the night shift for you. Okay, good night, and good luck.


  • Alison seems to be concerned about The Puppet and Fredbear, similar to how Vincent acted in TRTF: Classic.
  • Alison always calls Golden Freddy a "yellow-bear".
  • Alison mentions that Sugar was the first gift-giving animatronic until he was torn apart.
  • He also tells Cotts that the company created a brand-new toy animatronic that was, of course, Dug.

Alison makes his debut appearance in The Return to Freddy's 5, as the main antagonist of the game. He is the sadistic, cruel and corrupted founder of Fazbear Incorporated and the creator of the Torture Device, a false idol worshipped by the workers. He was also revealed to be located within the walls of the factory, always watching, speaking, and knowing; making him the Storyteller of the game.


As the Storyteller, Alison appears to look like as a small-sized adult, with fair white skin along with black colored eyes and dark brown hair. He also appears to be wearing a white fedora with a red stripe and a red shirt along with some dark blue jeans and grey shoes.

As the Blue Guy, Alison appears to resemble a blue figure with black colored eyes and a faux hawk haircut. He also appears to be wearing a golden badge on his chest, much like Vincent. He is usually seen smiling evilly.



Alison would have helped you in various parts of the game by telling you how to find items and unlock doors. He would have also narrate the protagonist's story in specefic parts of the game.


In the "Happy Fun Times..." Minigame, Alison can be seen chating with the Kitty FazCat child, while a crying BFP watches them from behind.

In the "Truth...?" Minigame, Alison can be seen suspiciously peeking at Torture Lockjaw and three dead children from over a gray cloud.

In the "December 23th" Minigame, Alison appears inside his blue car, crashing it into Gron's, injuring his whole family.

In the "Dark Secrets..." Minigame, the ghost form of BFP witnesses Alison torturing three employees, making them construct more and more Torture suits.


In the "Die Alone", Alison appears in a black space with BFP, the Kitty FazCat child and the victims from the Missing Children Incident. As time passes, the masks of the ghost children start to fall and disappear, signifying the release of their souls. Finally, BFP's soul fades away and his fedora drops to the ground. However, Alison still remains alive, meaning that "The Prophecy" hasn't ended yet.

In the third Bad Ending, Alison appears on Floor 9 threatening at three employees who were caught breaking one of Fazbear Inc.'s rules. After his diologue ends, Alison will start to beat up the employees with his own fists. In order to protect themselves and fight back at their boss, the employees will enter the three torture suits, thinking that this idea was worth enough trying. This however fails, the employees will scream at their boss for help. Alison then laughs at their foolishness as he activates the deploy button, killing the three employees while the knives and needles drain every bit of blood and organs of their bodies using it as fuel, bringing them a new and torturous life of pain and suffering.


TRTF5 Prologue

I'm going to tell you a story... This is the story of a child... a child that for years has been suffering... This child once had a brilliant bright life... until the day he made something that made history... Of course he made a mistake... just one little mistake... But what if everything was a dream...? a nightmare perhaps... Who am I you may ask...? And what do I have to do with the story...? That question will forever remain unanswered... Back to the story... this child has been suffering from depresssion and nightmares. But now he awakes from this terrible LUCID™ dream... When he awoke from his terrible long nightmare, he sees reality. He's 25 now, has a job, no wife, no children, lives alone in his apartment, sobbing his life away... He is quite a sad man... almost too sad... I can't stand him... He was called into work, everyone left the investigation case because of the "rumors" that linger about this horrible place awaits you, player. You, as the 25 year old child all grown up, has accepted the case and will venture trough Fazbear Inc. You will find what exactly is causing all of this dread from pizzeria to pizzeria, diner to diner. Go now... It's your story now...


(Upon interacting with a locked door) The door seems to be locked... try finding a key...

Die alone... Ending

You are loosing everything as the clock ticks by... Did you really think someone would love you...? No... Who'd want to commit their life to you? All you do is weep, cry, punish yourself, and is always sorry ALL the time And most of the time... sorry for no reason... She's not there anymore... get up... and STOP crying... Why do you think I planned something on V-day... Huh...? Sorry... but you're in my story now...

Bad Ending #3

(Upon interacting with the employees) Did you really think you could get away with this? This is my factory... my rules... and you didn't play by my rules...

(After the employees stop talking to him) Bet on it...

(After the employees scream at him for help) Oh the joy of creation! Let's just give you all the punishment you deserve...


  • Alison is often mistaken with Toony, a fan-game animatronic by ToonsterGames.
  • Alison used to be called sometimes as "TOGFilms" in the game files.

Alison was planned to make a brief appearance in The Return to Freddy's: Frankburt's, as the Storyteller. He was also revealed to, somehow, actually be the main antagonist of the game.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...


TRTF: F Prologue



i..i'm scared... I feel... more safer here... no one can find me... no one can hurt me... I am scared of people.... I'm scared of seeing the light of day... I feel.... happy... I feel better alone... I don't... need... ...anyone...

Alison was again going to return to _RADSLA_ as the main antagonist, as an anonymous hacker named "fbinc".


He was going to hack the animatronics and trigger a toxic breach in the vents of Gilbert Facility to kill Loyd and Alei, who was revived as a psychopatic humanoid known as DO NOT ACCESS, and shut down this location.

If only one word was required to describe Alison, that word would be monster. Consumed by greed, he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty when the end result is something he wants. He created the Torture suits as a means of demonstrating his authority to his disobedient employees, watching as it slowly drained the life out of them; particularly in one incident involving three employees sneaking up to Floor 9. Angered by his employees disobedience towards his rules, he began to beat them with a rusty pipe. Eventually the employees climbed into the three nearby Torture suits (Torture Buster, Torture Beast, and Torture Saber), which made up a group Alison liked to call The Slaughter Crew. After they climbed in and tried to attack him, they realized they could not move. Alison then watched in sickening pleasure as the Torture suits slaughtered the three employees. He alsois the creator of the enigmatic Torture Device, a monstrous Torture suit that serves as a false god he forces his enslaved employees to worship and continue building.

Alison's personality tends to shift from being a corrupt businessman to being a bloodthirsty murderer whenever the name of one of his former employees, Gron, is brought up. After Gron and Vincent sabotaged The Machine, he made Gron suffer severe agony by killing Gron's wife Lynda in front of his very eyes. Eventually, he locates Jackson and murders him, in an attempt to erase Gron's family and legacy forever. However, Jackson had a son named Carson, who later became an investigator and was on his way to kill Alison in Frankburt's, due to Carson's presumed hatred for Alison for killing his father and so many other innocent people.

The Return to Freddy's 5




The Return to Freddy's: Frankburt's



The Return to Freddy's 2

Night 1 phone call.
Call 1b

Night 2 phone call.

Call 2b

Night 3 phone call.

Call 3b 2

Night 4 phone call.

Call 4b

Night 5 phone call.

Call 5b

Night 6 phone call.

Call 6b

The Return to Freddy's 5

The sound that The Storyteller makes when he speaks.

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