Alei is a minor character that appears in Chapter 1 & 2 of The Return to Freddy's: The Dreadful Truth. He is the son of Gilbert, the second owner of the Gilbert Facility and the soul possesor of DO NOT ACCESS.


Alei was born sometime during the beginning of the 20th century in Japan. Nothing is known about his childhood, and his only family member documented in the book is his father, Gilbert.

On January 4th of 1943, his father named Gilbert became very ill and was about to die. A little bit before his death, Gilbert told this son that he wished he was immortal so that he could see how people were saved from the super cancer virus. After his father's death, he succeeded him and became the Gilbert Facility's new owner. While still continuing with the "Save the Kids Project", Alei had the idea to use the soul transporter that was invented a year ago on his father and have the scientists working at the facility help him to make a machine that would provide energy to keep the animatronics active so that the 3 patients, who had their souls transferred into the mecharobots, and others alive and not shut down.

On July 17th of 1943, the machine was finished at last. They had his father's body put onto a hospital bed and the machine hooked up to a bunch of computers and monitors, putting as much knowledge, power, and energy into the machine as possible.

Two months later, in September of 1943, Alei recieved a phone call from a strange man named Alison who was the boss of this criminal mafia gang in America, asking what it would cost for them to purchase the machine from Alei. Alei then told them it wasn't for sell and hung up. This completley enraged Alison... if Alei wasn't going to sell The Machine to him, then he would him and his gang were going to try to get it anyway no matter what at all costs. "Pack your Bags" Alison said, "We're going to Japan".

After Alison and his gang broke into the Gilbert Facility, they killed many, many scientists and workers there who were interfering with their heist (a good amount of the people who they killed didn’t actually do anything at all however). This dangerous heist also resulted in the death of Alei to, the owner of the facility... He was suffocated to death via toxic gas that was spread through the ventilation into where he was.