Adventure Mode
Adventure Mode
Gamemode for The Return to Freddy's 5
Main changes Gameplay, Atmosphere

Adventure Mode (also called TRTF World by fans) was a proposed game mode for The Return to Freddy's 5. However, due to the RAM the game was taking up, BFPFilms424/Tyler was thinking of changing it to an update. This mode was eventually scrapped from the game when Feline Animations and others continued the project, due to storage limits.

Game Info.

How To Unlock

According to a post on BFPFilms424/Tyler's Twitter, the mode would be unlocked once the player completes Story Mode and opening the crate.


According to BFPFilms424/Tyler, Adventure Mode was going to be very stupid, adult humoristic and not kid friendly. It was also promised to have servers where the players could fight against another player.





The title screen's theme.


World's theme 1.


Normal fight theme.


Mario Bros minigame theme.

Mario bros

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